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Use the Rsync plugin to synchronize files to remote hosts, and execute arbitrary commands on those hosts.


The following parameters are used to configure the plugin:

  • user - user to log in as on the remote machines, defaults to root
  • key - private SSH key for the remote machines
  • hosts - hostnames or ip-addresses of the remote machines
  • port - port to connect to on the remote machines, defaults to 22
  • source - source folder to synchronize from, defaults to ./
  • target - target folder on remote machines to synchronize to
  • include - rsync include filter
  • exclude - rsync exclude filter
  • recursive - recursively synchronize, defaults to false
  • delete - delete target folder contents, defaults to false
  • script - list of commands to execute on remote machines


The following secrets can be used to secure the sensitive parts of your configuration:

  • rsync_key - private SSH key for the remote machines
  • rsync_user - user to log in as on the remote machines

It is highly recommended to put your private key into a secret (rsync_key) so it is not exposed to users. This can be done using the drone-cli:

drone secret add \
   --repository your/repo \
   --name rsync_key \
   --value @./id_rsa \
   --image drillster/drone-rsync

Add the secret to your .drone.yml:

    image: drillster/drone-rsync
    user: some-user
      - remote1
    source: ./dist
    target: ~/packages
    secrets: [ rsync_key ]

See the Secret Guide for additional information on secrets.


    image: drillster/drone-rsync
      - remote1
      - remote2
    source: ./dist
    target: ~/packages
      - "app.tar.gz"
      - "app.tar.gz.md5"
      - "**.*"
      - cd ~/packages
      - md5sum -c app.tar.gz.md5
      - tar -xf app.tar.gz -C ~/app
    secrets: [ rsync_user, rsync_key ]

The example above illustrates a situation where an app package (app.tar.gz) will be deployed to 2 remote hosts (remote1 and remote2). An md5 checksum will be deployed as well. After deploying, the md5 checksum is used to check the deployed package. If successful the package is extracted.


The script passed to script will be executed on remote machines directly after rsync completes to deploy the files. It will be executed step by step until a command returns a non-zero exit-code. If this happens, the entire plugin will exit and fail the build.

Secrets in Drone 0.5

Secret injection has changed for Drone 0.6 and up. To use this plugin with Drone 0.5, use:

drone secret add octocat/hello-world RSYNC_KEY @path/to/.ssh/id_rsa

to add the secret. Then add the secret to your .drone.yml:

    image: drillster/drone-rsync
    user: some-user
    key: ${RSYNC_KEY}
      - remote1
    source: ./dist
    target: ~/packages

and then sign your configuration using:

drone sign octocat/hello-world