SuperMiner - Making mining easier...
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SuperMiner - Making mining easier...

SuperMiner is a collection of sub-mods that have been designed to make life easier...

Inspiration has been taken from several different mods already avaliable; namely - VeinMiner, TreeCapitator, AutoSwitch & NEI's Magent Mode. My thanks and admiration go out to their respective developers.

...with a few additions of my own design.

SuperMiner sub-mod list:

  • Captivator: Automatically pickup items and XP orbs. [Magnet mode]
  • Cropinator: Makes Farming easier and the Hoe more useful.
  • Excavator: Digs a big hole by breaking connected blocks, of the same type, within the specified range.
  • Illuminator: Automatically lights up the area while you mine.
  • Lumbinator: Chop down an entire tree.
  • Shaftanator: Dig yourself a mine shaft.
  • Substitutor: Automatically select the correct tool while you mine.
  • Veinator: Mine an entire vein of ore.

Full SuperMiner Details Here:

Be So Kind and Support Me, help me pay for Stuffs and Ensure I can continue to Update my Mods...

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Huge thanks to MininMartin for the first ever video. Spanish Speaking: Spotlight


What's the reasoning behind these mods I hear you ask...?

Well as much as I love VeinMiner, TreeCapitator, AutoSwitch & NEI's Magent Mode, I have always had the odd niggle with them here and there. So I set out to improve a few areas and dumb down others, as well as produce a few ideas of my own.

How do I compile the Source?

Compiling SuperMiner

Mod Pack Policy:

Any Mod pack requests will probably be ignored for the most part, but please note that I give my full permission to include the SuperMiner mods in any mod pack, as long as the following conditions are met:
  • Ensure you provide a link to this forum post.
  • Properly credit me as the author of these mods - DuelMonster
  • You mustn't make any money off of your mod pack.
  • Be sure to remove these mods from your pack if I specifically request it.