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Dwolla Webhook Receiver

This sample TypeScript application demonstrates how to create a webhook subscription for Dwolla events, deployed to AWS via Lambda function.


This app deploys a webhook handler as an AWS Lambda function using the Serverless Framework. You can deploy one to your AWS account(s) as follows:

NOTE: Any pnpm command can be replaced with npm.

  1. Clone the repository and install dependencies with pnpm install
  2. Rename .env.example to .env, and update the environment variables
  3. Run pnpm sls:deploy to create the Lambda functions. After they deploy, a publicly accessible HTTP endpoint is logged to the console as endpoint. Copy and paste it into the URL variable in scripts/one-time-setup.ts
  4. Run pnpm hook:setup to create your Webhook Subscription
  5. Run pnpm hook:create-customer to create a customer in Dwolla's API
  6. Check your webhook function's logs by running pnpm sls:logs:webhook. You should see a message indicating that the webhook has been moved to your SQS queue for processing.
  7. Check your SQS function's logs by running pnpm sls:logs:queue. You should see the contents of the webhook after it has been parsed.
  8. [Optional] To remove the resources in AWS, run pnpm sls:remove


Sample application to receive, authenticate, and queue Dwolla webhooks, using AWS Lambda and SQS.








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