Basic integration for Slack notifications for Matlab.
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This repository contains Matlab functions to send notifications to a Slack channel or user, via the Slack Incoming Webhooks API.


SendSlackNotification is used to send a notification to a URL provided by Slack, for a configured Incoming Webhooks integration. See the documentation for this function for information on options.

MakeSlackAttachments can be used to generate Slack message attachments, which can then be sent as notifications using SendSlackNotification. See the documentation for this function for more information.

Set up

  1. Configure an Incoming Webhooks integration for your team, from your team's services page.
  2. Copy the Webhook URL once the service is configured, and store it in a Matlab string.
  3. Clone the SlackMatlab repository, and add the root directory to the Matlab path using pathtool.
  4. Call SendSlackNotification, passing the Webhook URL as an argument.


% - Create a message attachment to send with a notification
%   (optional; several message attachments can be sent with a single notification)
sA = MakeSlackAttachment('New open task [urgent]: <>', 'Text of the notification message', ...
      'Text that will be displayed before the message', '#0000ff', ...
      {'Field 1 title', 'This is a field that will be shown in a table'}, ...
      {'Field 2 title', 'This is another field that will be shown in a table'});

% - Send the notification, with the attached message
SendSlackNotification('', ...
   'I sent this notification from matlab, on behalf of @username.', '#target-channel', ...
   'Name to post under', '', [], sA);


A list of Emojis supported by Slack is available from


Contains code from URLREAD2 and JSONLAB.