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CMS/Wiki system using Javascript for 100% client side single page application using Markdown.
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100% static single file CMS/Wiki done purely with client-side Javascript and HTML5.

See for more info and documentation.


See for readily precompiled releases.

How to build from source

(applies to master branch, stable may differ)

  1. Install node.js >= 0.10 and npm (if not included)
  2. Clone the mdwiki repo
  3. Install deps and build MDwiki (you need automake installed - if you are on Windows check the contents of the Makefile for the list of commands to run them manually):
  1. Find the mdwiki.html in the dist/ folder

  2. Development

For development, use

grunt devel 

To get unminified source code compiled to dist/mdwiki-debug.html, as well as auto file watching and livereload support. Symlink the development mdwiki file into your webroot for testing.

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