Malware Analysis Tool using Function Level Fuzzy Hashing
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Malfunction is a set of tools for cataloging and comparing malware at a function level. Uses Radare2 internally for finding function locations. Written in Python 3. Currently only works on Linux based systems.

Jeramy Lochner and Matthew Rogers gave a presentation on Malfunction for DerbyCon on 9/25/2015 in Louisville, KY.


Manual Installation (Example work for Ubuntu 14.04 64bit)

Install prerequisites 
$ apt-get install git build-essential libffi-dev python3 python3-dev python3-pip automake autoconf libtool
$ BUILD_LIB=1 pip3 install ssdeep
$ pip3 install psutil
Clone this repository
Install the latest version of libsqlite3
$ wget
$ dpkg -i libsqlite3-0_3.8.10.2-1_amd64.deb
Install the latest version of libsqlite3-dev
$ wget
$ dpkg -i libsqlite3-dev_3.8.10.2-1_amd64.deb
Install the latest version of apsw
$ wget
$ unzip
$ cd
$ python3 install
Install the latest version of progress-python3 (OPTIONAL)
$ git clone
$ cd progressbar-python3
$ python3 install
Install the latest version of radare2
$ git clone
$ cd radare2
$ ./configure
$ make
$ make install

General Usage

Using mallearn to add a piece of malware to the database, then use malfucntion to compare another program with it.

$ python3 malware.exe blacklist
$ python3 possiblymalware.exe



mal-get 'gets' the function-level fuzzy hashes from a given binary and is usually used in conjunction with mal-learn or malfunction

$ python3 [FILE] -o output.txt


mal-learn is used for known malware, or things you want to white-list and learns them to the database

$ python3 malware.exe blacklist -a 'Bad Guy' -c 'Evil piece of malware'  
$ python3 notepad.exe whitelist -a 'Microsoft Corporation' -c "Notepad.exe" -p 4


Malfunction generates reports on a unknown binary, based on the signatures in the database.

$ python3 [FILE]


A bunch of high school/college interns at Dynetics.

  • Matthew Rogers
  • Jeramy Lochner
  • James Brahm
  • Morgan Wagner
  • Donte Brock