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A MagicMirror Demo for using Tabulator
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MagicMirror Module: Tabulator

STATUS: Version Date Maintained?
Working 1.0.2 2018-03-05 YES

What is this module doing?

MMM-Tabulator is just a demonstration module for using the Tabulator npm package on your MagicMirror. Tabulator is a very nice tool for producing dynamic HTML tables from various sources, like JSON, CSV and XML etc. However, although very well documented, the examples are very hard to understand and implement in practice, for non-experts.

Why I should use Tabulator?

  • Very flexible for manipulating all aspects of table data
  • Can sort table columns in several ways and in multiple stages
  • Can use graphics in tables
  • Can easily enable/disable various table items
  • Help reduce all the clutter of HTML generating JS code
  • You never have to write DOM code again!
  • You don't need to think about converting XML or JSON to HTML table
  • Very well used and maintained repository

Why I should not use Tabulator for my MM:

  • It is totally overkill for showing small and simple tables
  • It is a very large library, easily bloating your MMs if used repeatedly
  • It is definitely slowing down load times somewhat
  • It is dependent on: jquery and jqeuery-ui.

Example Screenshots

In this repo there are 2 demo examples.

  1. The demo.html file, that has the JSON embedded and can be run directly from your browser.
  2. The MMM-Tabulator Module, that is importing the same JSON data from the file demo.json.

Screenshot of the demo.html output:


Screenshot of the MMM-Tabulator output:


The flight JSON data shown, was provided by FlightRadar24.


This module depend on the following npm packages:

  • jquery - is a fast, small, and feature-rich JavaScript library
  • jquery-ui - for user interface interactions, effects, widgets, and themes
  • tabulator - for an overkill use of JSON to HTML table generation

These are also listed in the package.json file and should be installed automatically when using npm. However, those may require other packages.


Manual Installation:

cd ~/MagicMirror/modules
git clone
cd MMM-Tabulator

# To locally install: jquery, jquery-ui and tabulator, do:
chmod 755

# ToDo:
#npm install

Easy Installation [ToDo]:

npm install mmm-tabulator


To configure the Tabulator for MM, you need to do the following:

  • Add the Module to the global MM config.js

  • Edit node_helper.js to select the correct JSON file or JSON input file:

    const myfile = 'modules/MMM-Tabulator/demo.json';

  • Edit MMM-Tabulator.js to:

    • select & configure the table rows you want to show
    • edit the column formatting to be used
    • [TBA] select the filename or URL from where to load the JSON data
    • select the default Tabulator CSS
  • Edit MMM-Tabulator.css for your own CSS taste

Add the module to the modules array in the config/config.js file by adding the following section.

    module: 'MMM-Tabulator',
    header: 'Tabulator Demo',
    position: 'top_left',
    config: {
        //fileUrl: "demo.json",     // The local filename or URL to JSON source
        updateInterval: 180,        // [seconds] Read the file every 3 min
        maxItems: 10,               // Max table rows shown

You can change this configuration later when you see that it works.

Configuration Options

Option Default Description
header "Tabulator Demo" This Module's header text
updateInterval 180 Module data update in [seconds]
maxItems 10 Number of table rows to show
fileUrl* "demo.json" A local filename or URL to a JSON API

* - not yet implemented - ToDo!

Tabulator configuration

The main part to configure is found under the loadTabulator() function:

        height:flightTableHeight,           // Set height of table, this enables the Virtual DOM and improves render speed
        //layout:"fitColumns",                // Fit columns to width of table (optional)
        //headerSort:false,                   // Disable header sorter
        resizableColumns:false,             // Disable column resize
        responsiveLayout:true,              // Enable responsive layouts
        placeholder:"No Data Available",    // Display message to user on empty table
        initialSort:[                       // Define the sort order:
            {column:"altitude",     dir:"asc"},     // 1'st
            //{column:"flight",     dir:"desc"},    // 2'nd
            //{column:"bearing",    dir:"asc"},     // 3'rd
            {title:"Time", field:"timestamp", headerSort:false, sortable:false, visible:false, responsive:1, formatter:"ep2time"},

For further details about configuring the many Tabulator options, see:

Bugs and Warnings

⚠️ If you provide your own JSON data, other than what is provided in the demo.json file, then it has to be in proper JSON format. For some reason the MM socket seem to not accept loosely formatted JSON. There is an extremely simple JSON sanitizer, used (for my own purposes), but it doesn't handle any characters outside [A-Za-z0-9_\-]. Not sanitizing your JSON data is a security issue that could lead to code injection! Also check if your source is using UTF-8 or something else.

Please refer to the issue tracker for details and updates.

Other Modules using Tabulator:

  • MMM-FlightsAbove - A flight radar showing flight & airplane details for planes above a certain location.


Feel free to post issues and PR's related to this module.
For all other or general questions, please refer to the MagicMirror Forum.


Most grateful thanks to Ray Wojciechowski for sharing his module develpment experince and thus helping me solve all my issues. Do check out his many great MMM modules in his repository.



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