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Welcome to EDC Blockchain!

Our blockchain provides full stability and valid consensus mechanism for your transactions. It is an industrial decentralized platform built on high-performance financial smart contracts. Also it is a decentralized autonomous network that allows application owners to work within the framework of the DPoS privacy and consensus algorithms.

Common characteristics:

  • Protocol: modified Bitshares 2.0 Graphene;
  • Operation types count: 68 (44 of them are in the initial composition of graphene);
  • Data types count of levels 'implementation' and 'protocol': 45 (32 of them are in the initial composition of graphene);
  • Algorithm of consensus: Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS);
  • Private key generating algorithm: sha256(sha512(key));
  • Public key generating algorithm: secp256k1(i.e. elliptic curve);
  • Block-interval: up to 5 seconds;
  • Maximum speed of block creating: 100000 / 4.7 min;
  • Maximum transaction size: 2048 bytes;
  • Maximum block size: 2048000000 bytes (~2Gb);
  • Maintenance time duration: up to 7 seconds (at current month);
  • Nodes count: 32 (12 physical servers);
  • Among them the number of delayed nodes with the full transaction history: 5
  • Amount of started cli_wallet's (for serving of receive-service and syncing with back-end): 11

Market exchange and merchant integration

Also, you can find instructions for build & run here

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