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UPDATE 2023: Zetteldeft is no longer in active development, as its main author is moving away from a note-taking system based on Deft towards one based on Denote. The Emacs package and this repository will remain available, but might no longer receive updates.

The file in this repository contains documented code for a set of functions for emacs, which aims to extend the deft package and turn it into a (very very) basic Zettelkasten note-taking system.

The best way to get to know Zetteldeft, is from within Zetteldeft. Get started by cloning the zd-tutorial repository, available at Bootstrap use-package installation instructions included.

If you’d rather start with an introduction of key concepts and basic functions, check out an introduction here:

Documentation, literate code and further technical details can be found in the .org file of this repository, or can be read in a more convenient format over at

zetteldeft is available on MELPA. If you use use-package, installing is as easy as

(use-package zetteldeft
  :after deft

Please note that this was originally written for personal use and that I’m far from an emacs lisp expert. That said, contributions and feedback are more than welcome.