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# EGroupware CalDav/CardDAV and ActiveSync support via .htaccess
# Please note:
# - this file needs to be copyied as .htaccess to your document root
# to support CalDAV/CardDAV or ActiveSync synchronisation.
# - your Apache web server needs to be setup to read .htaccess files and
# allow use of the RewriteEngine directive (AllowOverride FileInfo).
# - you need to replace /egroupware with your EGroupware URL path eg. /egw
# - commented out last directiv can be used to redirect from just the domain to
# /egroupware/ to facilitate EGroupware login in default subdirectory.
RewriteEngine On
RewriteBase /
# Enable ActiveSync protocol support via eSync app
RewriteRule ^Microsoft-Server-ActiveSync /egroupware/activesync/index.php [L,QSA]
# CalDAV/CardDAV autodetection
RewriteRule ^.well-known/(caldav|carddav)$ /egroupware/groupdav.php/ [R]
# redirect PROPFIND or OPTIONS request on root to EGroupware CalDAV/CardDAV handler
RewriteRule ^$ /egroupware/groupdav.php/ [R]
# iOS 4.3+ calendar requires that to autodetect accounts
RewriteRule ^(principals/users/.*)$ /egroupware/groupdav.php/$1 [R]
# redirect root to EGroupware under /egroupware
#RewriteRule ^$ /egroupware/ [R]
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