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ViewerJS W.I.P. of implementing OpenOffice documents viewer Jul 14, 2016
addressbook Implements lavatar and replace default photo avatar with generated la… Aug 13, 2018
admin Admin - make sure correct tree leaf gets selected when loading Aug 9, 2018
api Fix taglist fails to invalidate email address which starts with none … Aug 14, 2018
calendar Disable unsupported definition filter option for iCal export Aug 14, 2018
collabeditor Fix excluded mime types does not work for CollabEditor Feb 8, 2018
doc script to compare mailboxes, eg. after a mail migration Jul 29, 2018
emailadmin remove hooks from EMailAdmin as it might screw up adding/removing acc… Nov 14, 2017
filemanager Add some translations Aug 10, 2018
files moving egw_digest_auth, vfs_webdav_server and egw_sharing to new api Mar 20, 2016
home Add some translations, thanks to Evgen Vodopivec. Apr 3, 2018
importexport Add some missing translations Aug 14, 2018
infolog Some fixes in Polish language files Jul 23, 2018
mail Add some translations Aug 13, 2018
notifications Add notifications into minifying js files Aug 2, 2018
pixelegg * Api: Fix minified themes cause multiple theme false entries Jul 25, 2018
preferences Add new attributes into core widget in order to be able to set widget… Jun 27, 2018
resources Add space to resource quantity in participant search result Aug 9, 2018
setup * Univention: fix not working password change (setting Kerberos crede… Jul 13, 2018
timesheet * Timesheet - Fix links to application custom fields are not created … Aug 13, 2018
.gitignore adding adLDAP to .gitignore, as it is an external repo May 25, 2016
.htaccess * Mail: implement notification for incomming mails in folders if conf… Apr 24, 2014
.mrconfig adding collabora app Oct 21, 2017
.travis.yml Turn off debug for tests May 3, 2018
Gruntfile.js Update uglifyjs to support ES6 syntax. @devs: Make sure to install gr… Aug 2, 2018 Update Nov 15, 2017
about.php using eT2 for about and moved code to api (api/src/Framework/About.php) May 16, 2016
composer.json Remove magicsuggest from api then add it to vendor Jun 21, 2018
composer.lock Add magicsuggest new package reference Jul 13, 2018
groupdav.htaccess Updated groupdav.htaccess to support ActiveSync and CalDAV/CardDAV Nov 17, 2016
groupdav.php move CalDAV/CardDAV server to api Apr 2, 2016 maintain an maintenance_release version in api/setup/, a… Feb 2, 2017
index.php fix not loaded header / CSS, caused by missing echo before $GLOBALS['… May 14, 2016
json.php use 16.1 Api\Exception\Redirect instead of old egw_exception_redirect… Oct 31, 2016
login.php move check_logoutcode to Api\Framework\Login, where it is used Jul 11, 2016
logout.php WIP egw installs now without phpgwapi and allows to login May 2, 2016
package.json remove old grunt-contrib-uglify (replaced with grunt-contrib-uglify-es) Aug 3, 2018
redirect.php From tracker 2276: Apr 13, 2010
remote.php moving egw_digest_auth, vfs_webdav_server and egw_sharing to new api Mar 20, 2016
share.php Use isset(), otherwise it tries to create a share Jun 5, 2018
status.php * Filemanager: support for ownCloud WebDAV clients which keep a local… Jul 12, 2012
updateGruntfile.php Try to correct ckeditor references point to vendor directory Oct 7, 2016
webdav.php Allow access to upload in user/.tmp/ even if user has no rights to fi… May 8, 2017


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17.1 Build Status Dependency Status
16.1 Build Status Dependency Status

Default and prefered installation method for EGroupware is via your package manager:

Installing EGroupware 17.1 from github:

switch to 17.1 branch and follow instructions there

Installing EGroupware development version:

  • cd /path/to/your/docroot
  • git clone # or for ssh
  • cd egroupware
  • install composer.phar from
  • install myrepos (mr) from or your distribution package manager
  • add a line /path/to/egroupware/.mrconfig to your ~/.mrtrust, to allow running composer.phar and git clone
  • mr up
  • enable further / non-default EGroupware apps by uncommenting them in .mrconfig and run mr up
  • continue installation at http://localhost/egroupware/setup/
  • to get minified JavaScript and CSS you need to install nodejs and grunt, if you have not already done so
  • install nodejs from your distribution package manager
  • npm install -g grunt-cli # installs grunt command globally, if you have not already done so
  • npm install # installs required npm/grunt modules into node_modules/ dir
  • run grunt manually after every update, or better uncomment grunt steps in .mrconfig