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Repository containing challenges, code samples, solutions, etc. from EIK-CodeClub
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EIK CodeClub is a place where students can come to hone their programming skills.

Some of the activities we will be doing:

  • Solving challenges on Codecademy, HackerRank and the like
  • Building projects (we will supply projects for different skill levels or come with your own!)
  • Supporting with programming homework assignments
  • Technology demos, with accompanying intro use cases
  • Having fun :)


Q: What if I have very little confidence in my skill?

A: No worries, there is no minimum skill requirement. There will be beginner friendly stuff. :)

Q: If you guys have been active for a while, can I keep up?

A: Yes, we won't be following a schedule. Understanding will mostly not depend on previous CodeClub participation.

Q: What programming languages do you use?

A: Currently we can offer the most support with python, java, javascript, C/C++, clojure and clojurescript, although with higher level algorithmic and software design problems the language doesn't matter.

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