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This project may break as the Kaggle website changes

To solve this issue I will move the project calls to the official Kaggle API in the future.


An unofficial Kaggle datasets downloader very much inspired by kaggle-cli


$ pip install -U kaggle_data

Depending on the format of your archive you may need to install some tools on your computer.

  • For 7-zip archives: You need the 7za program from p7zip.
    • On macOS: brew install p7zip
    • On Ubuntu: sudo apt-get install p7zip-full


Please note that accepting the competition rules before your commands is mandatory.

Usage example:

from kaggle_data.downloader import KaggleDataDownloader

destination_path = "input/"

downloader = KaggleDataDownloader("Ekami", "somePassword", "planet-understanding-the-amazon-from-space")
output_path = downloader.download_dataset("test-jpg-additional.tar.7z", destination_path)
downloader.decompress(output_path, destination_path)
downloader.decompress(destination_path + "test-jpg-additional.tar", destination_path)

Packaging the project for Pypi deploy

pip install twine
pip install wheel
python sdist
python bdist_wheel

Create a pypi account and create $HOME/.pypirc with:

username = <username>
password = <password>

Then upload the packages with:

twine upload dist/*