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Historical Immersion Project: Software Support Toolkit


This repository holds various support tools for the Crusader Kings II Historical Immersion Project, not only those global to the project (e.g., the HIP installer or generic CKII modding utilities) but also module-specific tools (e.g., automated culture splitting for SWMH or code generators for Project Balance).


As these tools evolve free-form and are not tied to any given release of HIP or any of HIP's constituent module releases per se, the branch master is used for all expected-stable / mainline snapshots. That means that when merging from a another branch for work on a particular tool, you will also be merging any other changes made in your branch into master, so there are no generic beta or dev branches. Instead, use only topic-specific branches created, developed-upon, merged into master, and then deleted as necessary.


All software within this repository uses, unless explicitly stated otherwise in the tools' source files, the [viral] open source GPLv2 License (see file: LICENSE). With the exception of installer/* which is jointly owned and copyright 2014 Meneth and zijistark, all other programs at the time of this writing are owned and copyright 2014 zijistark (Matthew D. Hall).


Programmers within the HIP team all have direct collaboration rights to the repository. Make sure you're "watching" the repository on GitHub if you want to see notifications of all commits. Otherwise, it is expected that you'll look at commit histories as needed, as in a traditional development team environment.

Pull requests will be freely accepted from the public so long as they meet HIP's needs and confirm to appropriate style guidelines. It may take a round or two of back-and-forth before your pull request is merged in these cases.


Please use email. Current direct collaborators include:

  • Meneth (

    • HIP installer (Creator)
  • zijistark (

    • HIP installer
    • Project Balance tools
    • SWMH tools
    • Code analysis
    • Meta-modding
    • CKII savegame analysis