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@blockone-devops blockone-devops released this Aug 28, 2019 · 641 commits to master since this release

This release contains stability and miscellaneous fixes.

Stability bug fixes

  • (#7660) fix fork resolve in special case - v1.8.x
  • (#7674) Net plugin fixes 1.8
  • (#7692) Fix nodeos 1.8.x to > 1.7.x peering issue (allowed-connection not equal to "any")
  • (#7743) Fix db exhaustion - 1.8.x
  • (#7750) Modify net_plugin socket/resolver use
  • (#7793) net_plugin capture socket - segfault
  • (#7804) Call resolve on connection strand - 1.8.x

Other Changes

  • (#7611) use explicit billing for unapplied and deferred transactions in tester - v1.8.x
  • (#7613) bugfix, SYS hardcoded instead of using command…
  • (#7631) issues/7627: Install script missing !
  • (#7601) fix 7600 double confirm after changing sign key
  • (#7701) fix producer_plugin watermark tracking - v1.8.x
  • (#7713) [TRAVIS POC] 1.8 Support passing in JOBS for docker/kube multi-tenancy
  • (#7726) Fix increment in test - 1.8.x
  • (#7728) Fix db_modes_test
  • (#7747) two useful chainbase backports for 1.8
  • (#7807) Correct cpu_usage calculation when more than one signature - 1.8.x
  • (#7811) Add IMPORTANT file and update README - 1.8.x
  • (#7819) rename IMPORTANT to - 1.8.x

Deprecation notice reminder

Please refer to the Consolidated EOSIO Deprecations List for the currently active set of deprecation notices.


Special thanks to the community contributors that submitted patches for this release:

Disclaimer: All repositories and other materials are provided subject to this IMPORTANT notice and you must familiarize yourself with its terms. The notice contains important information, limitations and restrictions relating to our software, publications, trademarks, third-party resources, and forward-looking statements. By accessing any of our repositories and other materials, you accept and agree to the terms of the notice.

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