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ESMValCore: A community tool for pre-processing data from Earth system models in CMIP and running analysis scripts.


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ESMValCore package

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ESMValCore: core functionalities for the ESMValTool, a community diagnostic and performance metrics tool for routine evaluation of Earth System Models in the Climate Model Intercomparison Project (CMIP).

Getting started

Please have a look at the documentation to get started.

Using the ESMValCore package to run recipes

The ESMValCore package provides the esmvaltool command, which can be used to run recipes for working with CMIP-like data. A large collection of ready to use recipes and diagnostics is provided by the ESMValTool package.

Using ESMValCore as a Python library

The ESMValCore package provides various functions for:

  • Finding data in a directory structure typically used for CMIP data.

  • Reading CMIP/CMOR tables and using those to check model and observational data.

  • ESMValTool preprocessor functions based on iris for e.g. regridding, vertical interpolation, statistics, correcting (meta)data errors, extracting a time range, etcetera.

read all about it in the API documentation.

Getting help

The easiest way to get help if you cannot find the answer in the documentation on readthedocs, is to open an issue on GitHub.


Contributions are very welcome, please read our contribution guidelines to get started.