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Buffered FUSE


  • Sooman Jeong, Youjip Won, "Buffered FUSE: optimising the Android IO stack for user-level filesystem" , International Journal of Embedded Systems (IJES), Special Issue for Embedded and Ubiquitous Computing, 2014 Vol. 6, No.2/3, pp.95 - 107, doi:10.1504/IJES.2014.063806


  • This work is supported by IT R&D program MKE/KEIT (No. 10041608, Embedded System Software for New-memory based Smart Device).

Android imposes user-level filesystem (FUSE) over native filesystem partition to provide flexibility in managing the internal storage space and to maintain host compatibility. However, the overhead of user-level filesystem is prohibitively large and the native storage bandwidth is significantly under-utilized. In order to address this overhead of user-level filesystem, we propose Buffered FUSE (bFUSE). The key technical ingredients of Buffered FUSE are (i) extended FUSE IO size, (ii) internal user-level write buffer (FUSE buffer) and (iii) independent management thread which performs time driven FUSE buffer synchronization.

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