Calculates market statistics for EVE Online's whole economy
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Market Stats

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This service for Element43 calculates various market metrics based on historical data. Data is stored in Postgres and can be retrieved via a gRPC API. Every night it fetches the entire market's history from ESI and calculates the metrics described in its gRPC service description. There might be gaps in the data as there is no history available if nothing was traded.

Issues can be filed here. Pull requests can be made in this repo.


The service's gRPC description can be found [here](


Either use the prebuilt Docker images and pass the appropriate env vars (see below), or:

  • Install Go, clone this repo into your gopath
  • Run go get ./... to fetch the service's dependencies
  • Run bash to generate the necessary gRPC-related code
  • Run go build
  • Run ./market-stats to start the service

Deployment Info

Environment Variable Default Description
SEED_DB false Fetch all data from ESI on startup, ignoring the normal schedule
CRON 0 52 * * * Defines when to run data collection (0:52am UTC every day avoids getting cached data)
LOG_LEVEL info Threshold for logging messages to be printed
POSTGRES_URL postgres://market-stats@localhost:5432/market-stats?sslmode=disable URL to this service's Postgres database
PORT 43000 Port for the grpc server to listen on