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Creates a deployable MSI from a folder that has an executable in it
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Create Msi Installer from Folder

Creat Wix Installer from Folder does exactly what is says on the tin. Pass it a folder (and some other options) and it will use Wix to create a deployable MSI from that folder.

The original use case for this was Scratch 3 but it can be used to create an MSI from any folder that contains an executable. It won't create any required registry so this can only be used to create MSIs for software that runs from a folder.


To use this script you need the following tools installed on your machine:


Option Required Default About
Path Yes Null The folder to create the MSI from
Product Yes Null The name to give the product. Used for Program Files folder, Desktop/Start Menu shortcut & others.
Version Yes Null The Version to report to AD etc...
Executable Yes Null The name of the exe inside Path. e.g. App.exe or bin\app.exe
UpgradeGUID No Generated at Runtime Supply the UpgradeGUID that was outputted when you generated the first version of the MSI.
Manufacturer No Ed-IT Solutions MSI Creator The manufacturer to set.
Contact No System Administrator Who should the user contact for help.
HelpLink No Where should the user go for help.
AboutLink No Where can the user get more information about this product.
DownloadLink No Where can the user download this app.
Desktop No false Set this flag if you would like a desktop shortcut to be created as well.
FileType No Associate a file type with this product.

Create a new MSI for Scratch 3:

.\create-msi-installer-from-folder.ps1 -Path "C:\Users\adam\AppData\Local\Programs\scratch-desktop" -Product "Scratch 3 Desktop" -Version "1.2.1" -executable "Scratch Desktop.exe"

During that process an upgrade GUID will have been outputed, when creating a new versions MSI suppy it to the script.

.\create-msi-installer-from-folder.ps1 -Path "C:\Users\adam\AppData\Local\Programs\scratch-desktop" -Product "Scratch 3 Desktop" -Version "1.2.2" -executable "Scratch Desktop.exe" -UpgradeGUID "foo"

These commands will create .\build\Deploy\Release\Scratch 3 Desktop (1.2.1).msi and .\build\Deploy\Release\Scratch 3 Desktop (1.2.2).msi


We welcome pull requests and suggestions to this script.

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