Demo app for the NativeScript Firebase plugin
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nativescript-plugin-firebase demo app

DEPRECATED: The demo app for the NativeScript Firebase plugin is now inlined in the plugin repo. 🚀


This app is built with the NativeScript CLI. Once you have the CLI installed, start by cloning this repo:

$ git clone
$ cd nativescript-plugin-firebase-demo
$ cd Firebase

Next, install the app's iOS and Android runtimes, as well as the app's npm dependencies:

$ tns install

Now take these steps to avoid build errors on Android

  • Copy app/App_Resources/Android/google-services.json to platforms/android/google-services.json or you'll run into the error "FirebaseApp with name [DEFAULT] doesn't exist."
  • Open platforms/android/build.gradle and do these things.

Want to use Remote Config or Cloud Messaging?

Open node_modules/nativescript-plugin-firebase/platforms/android/include.gradle and node_modules/nativescript-plugin-firebase/platforms/ios/Podfile and uncomment the relevant lines.


Now you can use the run command to run the demo app on iOS:

$ tns run ios --emulator
$ tns emulate ios --device iPhone-6s

.. or on Android

$ tns run android --emulator
$ tns emulate android --geny "Nexus 6_23"