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TypeLighter.js - Just 1.04KB gzip

The world's lightest yet most powerful JS TypeWriter out there. (Without JQUERY)

Download ZIP

Description :

TypeLighter.js is a free plugin to add typewriters in your web page. With this plugin, eight properties allow you to fine-tune the experience you want to share with your users. Most of them are predefined, but you can change their values using the data attribute.

Files :

There are three files in the compressed folder :

  • typelighter.js
  • typelighter.min.js -> minified file

Installation :

Place the .js file in your folder and import it after the body tag :

<script src ="your file path/typelighter.min.js"></script>

You can also use the CDN version :

<script src =""></script>

Add a new typewriter with a span tag :

<p><span class="typeWriter" data-text='["foo"]'></span></p>

Properties list :

Property Default value Use
data-text Null The array holding the strings to be written one after the other.
data-speed 1 The writing speed is proportionnal to this integer.
data-start 500 (ms) A delay before writing the next string.
data-end 2000 (ms) A delay before deleting the current string.
data-random True When enabled, the TypeWriter waits for a random time before writing or deleting the next character.
data-max Infinity The maximum number of full iterations before the TypeWriter stops itself.
data-dltSpeed True When enabled, a given string is deleted twice as fast as it is written.
data-checkVisible False When enabled, the animation begins right when the element appears in the viewport.

Example :

<p><span class="typeWriter" data-checkVisible="true"  data-speed="2" data-text='["foo", "example"]'></span></p>

<p>Hello <span class="typeWriter" data-end="3000" data-text='["guys !", "world !"]'></span></p>


The CSS is automatically injected in the DOM for convenience, though you could also paste it in your CSS file :

.cursor {
  line-height: inherit;
  animation: Cursor 1s infinite;

@keyframes Cursor{
  0%{opacity: 1;}
  50%{opacity: 0;}
  100%{opacity: 1;}

Enjoy 😍

This project is licensed under the terms of the MIT license.


Take a stride into the world of dynamic and appealing typewriters. You can be sure that you will never even think of looking back.








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