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Edge Core

This library implements the Edge login system. It runs inside a client application, and provides zero-knowledge backup for cryptographic keys and other secrets via a familiar password-based login system.

Build Status JavaScript Style Guide code style: prettier


We have documentation at, but our Flow types are the best, most up-to-date reference for what this library contains.

Account Management UI

To quickly get up and running with the UI for account creation, login, and management, use edge-login-ui-web for the web or edge-login-ui-rn for React Native.


Just use npm install --save edge-core-js to add this library to your project.

To create an EdgeContext object, which provides various methods for logging in and creating account, do something like this:

const context = await makeEdgeContext({
  apiKey: '...', // Get this from our support team
  appId: 'com.your-app',
  plugins: {
    // Configure currencies, exchange rates, and swap providers you want to use:
    'bitcoin': true

The core uses various plugins to provide its currency, exchange rate, and swap features. These plugins ship separately, and are designed to load in parallel with the core:

import { addEdgeCorePlugins, lockEdgeCorePlugins } from 'edge-core-js'
import exchangePlugins from 'edge-exchange-plugins'
import bitcoinPlugins from 'edge-currency-bitcoin'
import currencyPlugins from 'edge-currency-accountbased'


The above code sample works for Node.js. For the browser and React Native, plugins load using a <script> tag. The lockEdgeCorePlugins is necessary on all platforms, and must happen before login can proceed.

React Native

This library has React Native support. Starting at version 0.15.0, however, it achieves this support by running most of its logic inside a WebView component. This has several important advantages, including better performance, but it makes integration quite complicated. We are in the process of simplifying and documenting the necessary steps. In the mean time, please refer to the edge-react-gui project for an example of what this integration looks like.

Platform Requirements

This library uses modern Javascript syntax features from ES 2018. While these work fine in recent browsers, React Native, and Node 10+, you might need to run this library through Babel if you care about older systems.

On the other hand, this library avoids modern run-time features from ES 2015 or later, so you don't need to provide polyfills. The only features we use from ES 2015 or later are:

  • Object.assign
  • Promise
  • Uint8Array

If you want to run in the browser, you must also have:

  • fetch
  • localStorage
  • Window.crypto.getRandomNumbers


Run yarn to download dependencies and build the library, then run yarn test to run the unit tests, and yarn flow to check for type errors.

All sources are in the JavaScript Standard Style + Prettier. We check files prior to each commit, so if you have formatting issues, you can run yarn fix to fix them automatically.

If you use Visual Studio Code, consider installing the ESLint extension. This will give you nice error highlighting as you work, along with quick fixes for formatting issues.


Edge Core Javascript implementation. Provides Edge account and wallet functionality for NodeJS/HTML/React Native apps



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