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Community Guidlines

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Before you join our Discord – please review our community guidelines below.

EdgeTX GitHub and Discord Community Guidelines

We are very happy to have you join the EdgeTX community. That being said, there are a few rules that we ask you to follow so that we can keep our community a positive experience for all who participate.

  1. Be polite to each other - even if you disagree.
  2. No personal attacks.
  3. No racist, sexist, sexual, religious, or political speech. This space is for EdgeTX and related topics only. Go somewhere else if you want to discuss these other topics.
  4. Basically, be nice, and don’t be a jerk!

Keep in mind that this is a volunteer project and that the developers do not receive compensation for their work. They are giving up their free time to help bring a great product to the community. If you want to contribute to development but are not sure where to start, reach out to one of the developers on the #dev channel on the EdgeTX discord.

If you have ideas or changes that you would like to see implemented, please feel free to create a pull request in Github. If you do make a pull request, please keep track of its progress. That way, if developers have questions or comments, you can discuss it with them on Discord.

With that out of the way, we are looking forward to meeting you on Discord! - Discord

For further reference:

Github Community Guidelines

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