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basic c++ bindings of SDL2 (
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Basic c++ bindings of SDL2 ( implemented as an header-only library

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Makes the content of the "sources" directory visible by your compiler. #include "cpp-sdl2/sdl.hpp" Link against the SDL2 and SDL_image libraries as usual.

By default, the code will throw exception in case of an SDL_Error. The Exception will contain the string returned by SDL_GetError()

cpp-sdl2 also conviniently wrap SDL's functionallities aimed at making cross-platform OpenGL/Vulkan developement easier. For instance, the window class can help you create an opengl context, or a vulkan instance/surface without having to worry if you are running on a Windows platform or something else. This functionality can be activated by defining CPP_SDL2_GL_WINDOWor CPP_SDL2_VK_WINDOW before including sdl.hpp

Exception support can be disabled by defining CPP_SDL2_NOEXCEPTIONS in the preprocessor.

To be able to easilly load images into surfaces, you can install SDL_Image 2, and define CPP_SDL2_USE_SDL_IMAGE

Compile-time configuration

cpp-sdl2 aims at offering a simple and modern API to C++ developers of the functionality available to SDL. Some of these functionalities are only usable with the addition of external libraries, or with the presens of specific SDK on the system.

The additional functionality is disabled by default, as the goal is to be the most compatible out of the box, but they can be easilly toggled in by defining a few perprocessor constants :

Preprocessor switch Descripiton Requirements
CPP_SDL2_GL_WINDOW Makes OpenGL functionalities around windows availalbe You should probably use an OpenGL extension loader like glew, gl3w, glad or epoxy
CPP_SDL2_VK_WINDOW Adds the Vulkan-related functions to the window API to help you load Vulkan platform extensions and create your vk::Instance and vk::Surface You need both a Vulkan runtime and a recent version of the Vulkan SDK. The wrappers are intened to be used with Nvidia's (now standardized) vulkan.hpp wrappers
CPP_SDL2_USE_SDL_IMAGE Add a few helpers that permit to load image files inside sdl::Surface objects Require you to include and link the SDL_Image library for SDL2
CPP_SDL2_NOEXCEPTIONS Disable cpp-sdl2 exceptions This is mostly intended if you want to use cpp-sdl2 on a platform where exceptions aren't available. Exceptions are used only exceptionally by cpp-sdl2, and their general problems in the context of game developements shouldn't be an issue as, if correctly used, the library should not throw any exceptions. This replaces any thrown exception with a logged message to the error output, followed by an abort() of your program.


  • SDL2
  • SDL_image 2 (optional)

The following versions of SDL2 are tesded and confirmed working:

  • 2.0.8 (This is a "legacy" version as far as we are concerned. You should upgrade!)
  • 2.0.9
  • 2.0.10

You will need a C++17 complient compiler

Example program

#include "cpp-sdl2/sdl.hpp"
#include <cstdlib> // Using C-style rand
#include <ctime>

#include <iostream>

int main(int argc, char * argv[])


	// The following classes manages the lifetime of SDL declared resources RAII style

	auto root = sdl::Root(SDL_INIT_EVENTS);

	auto window = sdl::Window{ "Random Colors", {600, 600} };

	auto renderer = window.make_renderer();
	auto color = sdl::Color::Black();

	auto done   = false;
	auto redraw = true;
	auto event = sdl::Event{};

	while (!done)
		if (redraw)
			redraw = false;
		if (event.type == SDL_QUIT)
			done = true;

		if (event.type == SDL_MOUSEBUTTONUP)
			color.r = std::rand() % 256;
			color.g = std::rand() % 256;
			color.b = std::rand() % 256;
			redraw = true;
	return 0;

	// Cleanup is done automatically

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