Vim plugin which asks for the right file to open
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Vim plugin which asks for the right file to open.



If you're like me and you want to edit a specific file with Vim, say,, you type vim te into the terminal, then you hit <Tab> and <Enter> immediately because you think your shell expands the characters to the right file name. But if there's another file starting with te, Vim fires up with an empty file called te, laughing at you. That's annoying. This simple plugin makes Vim ask for the right file to open.


Just drop DidYouMean.vim into .vim/plugin/ or use a plugin manager like Pathogen or Vundle.


This plugin can use fzf to present/filter the list if - it is enabled by let g:dym_use_fzf = 1 in your .vimrc - the fzf.vim plugin is installed.