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Course Material for my course Linear Algebra 2 (in french)
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This repository contains the latex sources of the lecture notes of my course Advanced linear algebra II (in french).

Creating a PDF file

I am not publishing the pdf-file of the lecture notes. Instead I recommend to use git-features to keep up to date and to participate. For a newcomer to GitHub, it might be a good idea to install the GitHub desktop first and clone this repository with the GitHub desktop. Then, proceed by going through the tutorial on GitHub desktop. If you want to suggest some changes to the lecture notes, please create n new branch, edit the files in there and send a pull request that is then open for discussion.

To compile the latex sources, install LaTeX, for example from the official webpage of the latex project and latex the file notes.tex . If you want a correct bibliography, you should also run bibtex on notes.tex .

Frequently asked questions

Why Git?

A short answer: I believe in participation. I am using Git now for the second year in a row. The quality of the text has improved a lot due to the contributions of my students. Also, I hope that the GitHub feautures that are particularly easy to use within the GitHub desktop, will stimulate more discussion on the material. Education is also about informed participation. Join me in the making of these notes. I am looking forward to your pull requests.

Why LaTeX?

Well, you want to become a mathematician. What kind of a question is that? ;)

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