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Gorillagram is a test application/laboratory used to learn and explore the capabilites of React Native implementing real life requirements instead of doing one more of the thousands of (boring) TO-DO Apps examples out there.

The goal is to learn React Native the good way doing things that could be close to what you will be doing on your first/next React Native project.

Some of the things this application covers are:

  • Redux
  • Navigation (with Redux)
  • Pulling data as well as posting data to a backend server
  • Applying cutomizations per platform
  • Geolocation and maps
  • Working with the photo gallery and the camera
  • Supporting different languages into the app

What are we building?

We are going to be using Cloudinary as CDN in order to build a kind of Instagram app. The app will let the user to upload images as well a searching images by tag.

Cloudinary offers a very rich API to achieve different tranformations and effects when fetching images
I would recomend to check their documentation in case you want to get creative


Assumptions and recomendations

  • You are working on a Mac if you want to try the app on both platforms: iOS and Android
  • You have node and npm installed on your machine
  • You belong to an Apple Developers Team if you want to run the app on a real iOS device
  • You have installed Android SDK Build Tools and you have set an ANDROID_HOME environment variable on your machine
  • You have the react-native CLI installed

Install and run

Clone or download this repository on your local machine, then:

npm install
react-native run-ios
react-native run-android
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