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πŸ“‰ Github Agile Dashboard
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πŸ“‰ Github Agile Dashboard


npm install -g @elao/github-agile-dashboard


GitHub authentication

As recommended by GitHub, Gad relies on github.user and github.token variables in your git config to authenticate you on GitHub API. Follow these three steps and you're good to go:

  1. Set up your GitHub username in your git config:

    git config --global github.user "Tom32i"

  2. Generate a GitHub personal access token with the following access rights: repo and user.

  3. Set up your GitHub token in your git config:

    git config --global github.token MyGitHubPersonalAccessToken


Configure your agile project on GitHub

  1. Create a milestone "Backlog" (or whatever name) with no due date : it will be your backlog.
  2. Create a milestone per Sprint with a due date.
  3. Create two labels "Ready to review" and "In Progress".
  4. Create issues in milestone "Backlog".
  5. Add an estimation [x] in the issue title, for example: "Add a user login [3]".
  6. Create Pull Request in sprint milestone with tag "Ready to review" or "In Progress".


In your projet repository, just enter gad [command] (options).

Command Description Options
sprint Show the state of the current sprint sprint -s=-1 Show the previous sprint
sprints Show the state of all sprints limit -l=2 limit the number of sprint to display
backlog Show the state of the backlog
review Display PullRequest that are awaiting your review
changelog Generate a markdown changelog of the current sprint all --all include open issues in the changelog. sprint -s=-2 Show the changelog from two sprints ago
estimate Show stories that are missing estimation
sum Calculate the sum of the stories matching the given filters label --label=API include issues with label "API"
status Show the status of the repository
help Show list of commands
exit Quit the dashboard


You can manually specify any of the options on the fly:

gad -o [organisation|owner] -r [repo] -u [username] -p [password|token]

E.g.: gad -o Elao -r symfony-standard -u Tom32i -p MyGitHubPersonalAccessToken


For performance purpose, Gad keeps a little cache file for each repository.

By default, it's located in ~/.gad/cache but you can specify a different path with the cacheDir option:

gad -c ./cache



git clone
cd github-agile-dashboard
npm install


node gad.js -o [organisation|owner] -r [repo] -u [username] -p [password|token]

Coding style

npm run lint

Publishing on NPM

npm publish --access public
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