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Open Hardware Made in México


  1. CatSniffer CatSniffer Public

    CatSniffer is an original multiprotocol and multiband board for sniffing, communicating, and attacking IoT (Internet of Things) devices using the latest radio IoT protocols. It is a highly portable…

    Python 475 65

  2. CayenneLPP CayenneLPP Public

    Library for Arduino compatible with Cayenne Low Power Payload

    C++ 103 48

  3. Beelan-LoRaWAN Beelan-LoRaWAN Public

    A LoRaWAN library for compatible arduino board

    C++ 181 72

  4. HunterCatNFC HunterCatNFC Public

    The Hunter Cat NFC is the latest security tool for contactless (Near Field Communication) used in access control, identification and bank cards. Specially created to identify NFC readers and sniffi…

    C++ 157 22

  5. mpu6050 mpu6050 Public

    MPU6050 Arduino Library

    C++ 267 115

  6. electroniccats-cla electroniccats-cla Public

    ElectronicCats Contributor License Agreement Information


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