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Open Hardware Made in México

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  1. Electronic Cats Package Lists for the Arduino v1.6.4+ Board Manager

    8 5

  2. Library for Arduino compatible with Cayenne Low Power Payload

    C++ 48 22

  3. NFC Copy Cat, manufactured by Electronic Cats, is a small device that combines two powerful cybersecurity tools, NFCopy and MagSpoof. NFCopy works by reading or emulating a NFC card; depending on t…

    39 6

  4. An Open Source USB Stick compatible with LoRa and LoRaWAN with Cortex M0+. To connect, review and analyze packages of LoRa®

    C++ 16 6

  5. BastWAN is all the best in the world format Feather and LoRa with a RAK4260 and LoRaWAN

    21 6

  6. An Open-Source CMSIS-DAP Debug Probe based on DAPLink and USB bus convert and it can realize USB convert to serial interface based in CH552, low-cost of $3 dollars

    C 19 5