Watch the same trailers as the movie theater plays before their movies
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This is a python script that automates the downloading of trailers from youtube using youtube-dl. Trailers are downloaded if their release date hasn't arrived yet and are deleted when it does. Files and folders are named with the standard Plex and The Movie DB naming convention, a "Coming Soon" image is copied in as poster.jpg and two versions of the trailer are stored. One is stored with -trailer in the name so Plex recognizes it as the trailer and the other is recognized as the movie.


This application adds to the movie theater feel of your plex setup, by adding unreleased movie's trailers to your library. The idea is to add a more cinematic feal.


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From withing your OS

  1. Install Python. This module supports 2.7.x. 3.x support can be spotty. Raise a github issue if you spot a compatibility error
    • Python for Windows can be found here
  2. Install PIP if it isn't already present
  3. Install youtube_dl
    • pip install --upgrade youtube_dl
  4. Install tmdbsimple
    • pip install tmdbsimple
  5. Sign up at Movie DB for an account and get a personal api key
    • A walk through can be found here
  6. (Optional) Get your Plex token off of Plex Web
  7. Clone this repository or download it where you want it
    • git clone suggested
  8. Edit the config file to include your api keys. Remove example from the trailers.conf file title. Adjust other settings as necessary
  9. This script can be ran manually like any other script or configured with Cron/Windows Task Scheduler.
    • Cron examples can be found here

From within Plex

  1. Add a folder inside of the Movie librarie that you want trailers, to /directoryTo/TheaterTrailers/Trailers/ or C:\directoryTo\TheaterTrailers\Trailers

    • Note that trailers in different libraries are not shared
  2. Enable trailers on your server

    • Check the option in Settings > Server > Extras > Include Cinema Trailers from movies in my library
  3. Enable trailers on your client

    • Plex Web: Set the number of trailers in Settings > Web > Player > Cinema Trailers to Play Before Movies
  4. (Optional) TheaterTrailers copies over a "Coming Soon" poster so that users know it's a trailer. For that to be set to default, local media assets needs to be set as priority within your agents. Go to Settings > Server > Agents then adjust within each agent

Feature Requests

Vote on new features here!


Thank you to the youtube-dl team

This product uses the TMDb API but is not endorsed or certified by TMDb