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Reduce fuzzer iterations in Travis

Currenty the fuzzer times out the fuzzer build.
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stevenroose committed Sep 3, 2019
1 parent 50dad2d commit 88b5492a17990df5f67038e5f503af538a0a2049
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@@ -7,7 +7,7 @@ for TARGET in fuzz_targets/*; do
if [ -d hfuzz_input/$FILE ]; then
HFUZZ_INPUT_ARGS="-f hfuzz_input/$FILE/input"
HFUZZ_BUILD_ARGS="--features honggfuzz_fuzz" HFUZZ_RUN_ARGS="-N1000000 --exit_upon_crash -v $HFUZZ_INPUT_ARGS" cargo hfuzz run $FILE
HFUZZ_BUILD_ARGS="--features honggfuzz_fuzz" HFUZZ_RUN_ARGS="-N100000 --exit_upon_crash -v $HFUZZ_INPUT_ARGS" cargo hfuzz run $FILE

if [ -f hfuzz_workspace/$FILE/HONGGFUZZ.REPORT.TXT ]; then
cat hfuzz_workspace/$FILE/HONGGFUZZ.REPORT.TXT

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