From the xml file for a model diagram creates the structure of a model to be run on witan.workspace-executor
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To create a model diagram using export it as an XML file and create a structure for a model to be run on the workspace-executor using tools from the workspace-api, just like other models written for Witan like:


  • Model: Here the term "model" is used both for 1) a succession of transformations on one or several input dataset(s) to produce one or several output dataset(s), 2) a data structure containing all info to run a model (as defined in 1) created using a macro defined in the workspace-api.

  • Workflow: This term refers to a data structure defined by in the workspace-api to be associated with a model (and inspired by Onyx). It describes a succession of steps as a collection of collections like: [[:step1 :step2] [:step2 :step3] [:step3 :step4]].

  • Catalog: This also refer to a data structure defined by in the workspace-api. It is a collection of maps containing metadata for each step of the model. It especially defines a step as an "input", a "function" or an "output" step.


Work in progress to reach the MVP1 milestone:

  • User can produce a "pre model" (a workflow + a catalog) for a basic diagram.

  • User gets an error (with a descriptive message) if the diagram file is broken and thus can't be used.

  • User can produce a new Clojure project with new namespaces needed to create a model.



You can create a diagram/flowchart for a model using and export it as XML (don't compress it).

Example of a model diagram/flowchart: basic-model-diagram

From the repl you can run the main function using the XML file path to create the "pre model":

(-main "dev-resources/test-diagram5.xml" "/home/user/Documents/" "my-model")))

This prints a data structure containing the model workflow (steps of the model), and catalog (metadata for each step of the model):

{:workflow [[:input-dataset :group-by-year]
            [:group-by-year :output-new-dataset]]
 :catalog [{:witan/name :input-dataset :witan/version "1.0.0"
            :witan/type :input :witan/fn :model/input-dataset :witan/params {:src ""}}
           {:witan/name :group-by-year :witan/version "1.0.0"
            :witan/type :function :witan/fn :model/group-by-year}
           {:witan/name :output-new-dataset :witan/version "1.0.0"
            :witan/type :output :witan/fn :model/output-new-dataset}]}

This is added to a project model using the name you specified ("my-model") and in the directory you specified ("/home/user/Documents/").

Calling the -main function outputs the following messages:

 INFO [parse-xml.core:25] - Parsing the XML from dev-resources/test-diagram5.xml
 INFO [parse-xml.core:82] - Creating the workflow and catalog
 INFO [parse-xml.core:111] - Creating a new witan-model project my-model at /home/user/Documents/ ...

Note If the arrows in the diagram aren't connected to a box, then we can't automate the creation of a model and this error message is returned:

"!DANGER! The flowchart has 1 disconnected arrows.
You CANNOT proceed with creating a model. Go fix your diagram first!"


Copyright © 2016 FIXME

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License either version 1.0 or (at your option) any later version.