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name: Towny
version: 0.23
language: english
author: ElgarL
website: ''
description: >
Language file for all game messages. Do not alter this file.
If you wish to change any of the entries, make a copy named something else.
Alternate language files can be enabled by altering the
[language] entry in config.yml
# You MUST retain spacing in the texts.
# If a text begins or ends with a space, it must remain that way.
# %s = data to be supplied by the plugin.
# Text colouring
# --------------
# Black = &0, Navy = &1, Green = &2, Blue = &3, Red = &4
# Purple = &5, Gold = &6, LightGray = &7, Gray = &8
# DarkPurple = &9, LightGreen = &a, LightBlue = &b
# Rose = &c, LightPurple = &d, Yellow = &e, White = &f
default_towny_prefix: '&6[Towny] &b'
unclaimed_plot_name: 'Unowned'
unclaimed_zone_name: 'Wilderness'
# +------------------------------------------------------+ #
# |help messages | #
# +------------------------------------------------------+ #
help_0: 'General Towny Help'
help_1: 'Try the following commands to learn more about towny.'
help_2: 'Town Chat'
help_3: 'Nation Chat'
town_help_1: 'Your towns status'
town_help_2: '[mayor]'
town_help_3: 'Selected towns status'
town_help_4: 'Shortcut to the towns status of your location.'
town_help_5: 'Teleport to towns spawn.'
town_help_6: 'New town with you as mayor.'
town_help_7: 'New town with target mayor.'
town_help_8: 'List commands for mayors.'
town_help_9: 'Todays the day!'
town_help_10: 'List all online residents in town'
mayor_help_3: 'Claim area not attached to town'
mayor_help_4: 'Claim around you to a radius of X'
mayor_help_5: 'Claim to the maximum radius'
mayor_help_6: 'Unclaim this town block'
mayor_help_7: 'Attempt to unclaim around you.'
mayor_help_8: 'Attempt to unclaim all townblocks.'
nation_help_1: 'Your nations status'
nation_help_2: '[nation]'
nation_help_3: 'Target nations status'
nation_help_4: 'List all nations'
nation_help_5: 'Leave your nation'
nation_help_6: 'Create a new nation'
nation_help_7: 'List the king commands'
nation_help_8: 'Create a new nation'
nation_help_9: 'List all online residents in nation'
king_help_1: 'Nation King Help'
king_help_2: 'Set your alliance.'
king_help_3: 'Set your enemies.'
res_1: 'Your status'
res_2: '[resident]'
res_3: 'Target player''s status'
res_4: 'List all active players'
res_5: 'for help'
res_6: 'Online match'
res_7: 'Exact name'
mode_1: 'Show the map between each townblock'
mode_2: 'Attempt to claim as you walk'
mode_3: 'Attempt to unclaim as you walk'
mode_4: 'Default chat to town channel'
mode_5: 'Default chat to nation channel'
mode_6: 'Can place %s in enemy borders to make warzones.'
plot_perms: 'Use %s instead of %s for plot permissions.'
plot_perms_1: 'Resident plots don''t make use of outsider permissions.'
res_list: 'Residents'
res_sing: 'Resident'
mayor_sing: 'Mayor'
admin_sing: 'Admin'
nation_sing: 'Nation'
nation_plu: 'Nations'
king_sing: 'King'
town_plu: 'Towns'
world_plu: 'Worlds'
world_sing: 'World'
world_help_1: 'Current world''s status'
world_help_2: '[world]'
world_help_3: 'Target worlds''s status'
world_help_4: 'List all worlds'
world_help_5: 'Regenerate this chunk'
townyadmin_help_1: 'Unclaim this town block'
townyadmin_help_2: 'Attempt to unclaim around you.'
ta_panel_1: 'Towny Admin Panel'
ta_panel_2: 'WarTime: '
ta_panel_3: 'Health Regen: '
ta_panel_4: 'World Mob Removal: '
ta_panel_4_1: 'Town Mob Removal: '
ta_panel_5: 'Daily Timer: '
ta_panel_6: 'Economy: '
ta_panel_7: 'Bank Accounts: '
ta_panel_8: 'Server'
ta_panel_9: 'Memory: '
ta_panel_10: 'Threads: '
ta_panel_11: 'Time: '
admin_panel_1: 'Admin panel'
admin_panel_2: 'reload Towny'
admin_panel_3: 'Run the new day code'
msg_block_claim: 'Claim this town block'
msg_plot_nfs: 'Take down a plot for sale'
msg_nfs_abr: '&e''fs'' and ''nfs'' are accepted abbreviations for ''forsale'' and ''notforsale''.'
msg_plot_fs: 'Put this area up for auction.'
# +------------------------------------------------------+ #
# | Messages | #
# +------------------------------------------------------+ #
msg_buy: '&bBought %d %s for %s.'
msg_buy_resident_plot: '&b%s bought %s''s plot for %s!'
msg_couldnt_pay_taxes: '&b%s couldn''t pay taxes and was kicked from the %s.'
msg_couldnt_pay_plot_taxes: '&b%s couldn''t pay taxes and lost ownership of a plot.'
msg_payed_town_tax: '&bPayed town tax of '
msg_payed_plot_cost: '&bPayed %s for %s plots in %s'
msg_payed_resident_tax: '&bPayed resident tax of '
msg_bankrupt_town: ' couldn''t afford to remain a town.'
msg_bankrupt_nation: ' couldn''t afford to remain a nation.'
msg_nation_not_neutral: '&bNation couldn''t afford it''s neutral state.'
msg_nation_cant_neutral: '&bNation couldn''t afford to become a neutral nation.'
msg_neutral_disabled: '&bNation neutrality is disabled globally.'
msg_you_paid: '&bYou paid %s to set neutral status.'
msg_nation_set_neutral: '&bSuccessfully changed nation''s neutrality.'
msg_nation_allow_neutral: '&bNation permissions to remain neutral are now: %s'
msg_mobremoval_world: '&bBlocking world mob spawns: %s'
msg_mobremoval_town: '&bPermit blocking town mob spawns: %s'
msg_nation_neutral: '&bYour nation is now'
msg_tax_exempt: '&bTown staff are exempt from taxes.'
msg_del_nation: '&bThe nation %s was disbanded!'
msg_del_resident: '&b%s lost all his Towny data!'
msg_del_town: '&bThe town of %s fell into ruin!'
msg_join_nation: '&bThe town of %s joined the nation!'
msg_join_town: '&b%s joined the town!'
msg_friend_add: '&b%s added you as a friend.'
msg_friend_remove: '&b%s removed you as a friend.'
msg_removed: '&bRemoved '
msg_from_list: ' from your friend list.'
msg_to_list: ' to your friend list.'
msg_left_town: '&b%s left town'
msg_you_left: '&bYou left %s.'
msg_not_mayor: '&bYou are not the mayor.'
msg_not_king: '&bYou are not the king.'
msg_not_mayor_ass: '&bYou are not the mayor or an assistant.'
msg_not_king_ass: '&bYou are not the king or an assistant.'
msg_own_nation_disallow: '&bYou can not do this to your own nation.'
msg_no_perms_claim: '&bYou do not have permission to expand your town.'
msg_outpost_disable: '&bOutposts are not available.'
msg_kicked_by: '&bYou were kicked from town by %s.'
msg_kicked: '&b%s kicked %s from town.'
msg_nation_kicked_by: '&bYour town was kicked from the nation by %s.'
msg_town_left_nation: '&bYour town left the nation of %s.'
msg_nation_town_left: '&bThe town of %s left your nation.'
msg_nation_kicked: '&b%s kicked %s from the nation.'
msg_raised_ass: '&b%s raised %s to %s assistants.'
msg_lowered_to_res_by: '&bYou were demoted to a regular resident by %s.'
msg_lowered_to_res: '&b%s demoted %s to regular resident.'
msg_invalid_name: '&bNone of those names were valid.'
msg_invited_join_town: '&b%s invited %s to the town.'
msg_invited_join_nation: '&b%s invited %s to the nation.'
msg_deny_invite: '&b%s denied your invite.'
msg_invited: '&bYou''ve been invited to join %s.'
msg_town_online: 'Online in Town'
msg_nation_online: 'Online in Nation'
msg_allied_nations: '&b%s allied with the nations %s.'
msg_broke_alliance: '&b%s broke their alliance with the nations %s.'
msg_enemy_nations: '&b%s developed a hatred for the nations %s.'
msg_enemy_to_neutral: '&b%s has changed it''s status to neutral towards %s.'
msg_added_ally: '&b%s allied with your nation.'
msg_removed_ally: '&b%s canceled the alliance with your nation.'
msg_added_enemy: '&b%s has developed a hatred towards your nation.'
msg_removed_enemy: '&b%s has become peaceful towards your nation.'
msg_unable_ally_enemy: '&cUnable to ally %s as they have us as enemies.'
msg_claimed: '&2Successfully claimed'
msg_unclaimed: '&2Successfully unclaimed'
msg_not_claimable: '&cThis world is not claimable.'
msg_abandoned_area: '&bAbandoned area %s'
msg_admin_unclaim_area: '&cForcefully unclaimed area %s'
msg_abandoned_area_1: '&bYour town abandoned the area'
msg_no_money_purchase_plot: '&cYou don''t have enough money to purchase this plot.'
msg_town_no_money_purchase_plot: '&cThe town doesn''t have enough money to purchase back this plot.'
msg_no_funds_new_town: '&c%s can''t afford to settle a new town here.'
msg_no_funds_claim: '&cTown cannot afford to claim %s town blocks costing %s. Add more money into the town bank.'
msg_no_funds_to_buy: '&cTown cannot afford to buy %s %s costing %s. Add more money into the town bank.'
msg_annexed_area: '&2Annexed area %s'
msg_max_plot_own: '&cYou cannot own more than %s plots.'
msg_max_outposts_own: '&cYou cannot own more than %s outposts.'
msg_wait_locked: '&2Please be patient, the plots will become available soon.'
msg_no_funds_new_nation: '&cThe town can''t afford to start a new nation.'
msg_already_claimed: '&cThis area has already been claimed by: %s'
msg_already_claimed_1: '&cThis area (%s) already belongs to someone.'
msg_already_claimed_2: '&cThis area has already been claimed.'
msg_too_close: '&cThis area is too close to another town.'
msg_too_far: '&cThis area is too far away from the other towns.'
msg_not_claimed: '&bThis area (%s) hasn''t been claimed.'
msg_not_claimed_1: '&bThis area has not been claimed.'
msg_not_own_area: '&cYou do not own the selected area.'
msg_not_own_place: '&bThis place is not owned by anyone.'
msg_area_not_own: '&cThis area does not belong to you.'
msg_area_not_recog: '&cThis area isn''t recognized by Towny.'
msg_specify_name: '&bSpecify town name'
msg_specify_nation_name: '&bSpecify nation name'
msg_peasant_right: '&bA peasant hasn''t the right to force his leaders into the throne.'
msg_cost_spawn: '&bYou were charged %s to teleport to the town''s spawn.'
msg_cost_spawn_refund: '&bYou were refunded the charge for using town spawn.'
msg_town_spawn_warmup: '&bWaiting to teleport...'
msg_town_rename_disabled: '&bTown Renaming Disabled'
msg_town_set_name: '&b%s renamed town to %s.'
msg_nation_set_name: '&b%s renamed nation to %s.'
msg_changed_pvp: '&c%s PVP has been %s.'
msg_changed_public: '&cThe Town''s public status is now %s.'
msg_changed_expl: '&cExplosions in %s are now %s.'
msg_changed_fire: '&cFirespread in %s is now %s.'
msg_changed_mobs: '&cMonster spawns in %s are now %s.'
msg_changed_taxpercent: '&cPercentage based taxes are now %s.'
msg_changed_open: '&cInviteless joining is now %s.'
msg_toggle_open_on_warning: 'Warning: Townperms should be turned off if town is set open. Type ''/town set perm off'' followed by ''/town set perm reset''.'
msg_changed_world_setting: '&c%s for %s is: %s.'
msg_world_pvp: '&cThis world is PvP only.'
msg_world_mobs: '&cThis world has Monster spawns forced on.'
msg_world_expl: '&cThis world has Explosions forced on.'
msg_world_fire: '&cThis world has Fire spread forced on.'
msg_plot_pvp: '&cPVP can not be toggled in an Arena Plot.'
msg_plot_regen_wrong_size: '&cRegen can only be performed when the default plot size (16) is used.'
msg_reloaded: '&2Towny''s settings were reloaded.'
msg_undo_complete: '&2Undo complete.'
msg_give_total: '&bGave %s bonus. (Total: %s)'
mag_backup_success: '&2Backup successful.'
msg_xx_withdrew_xx: '&b%s withdrew %s from the %s bank.'
msg_xx_deposited_xx: '&b%s deposited %s into the %s bank.'
msg_insuf_funds: '&cYou don''t have that much.'
msg_err_withdraw_disabled: 'Withdrawing from this bank is disabled!'
msg_err_deposit_capped: 'Unable to desposit money. This bank is capped at %s.'
msg_set_town_home: '&bSuccessfully changed town''s home block to %s'
msg_set_town_spawn: '&bSuccessfully changed town''s spawn.'
msg_set_outpost_spawn: '&bSuccessfully changed outpost''s spawn.'
msg_set_title: '&b%s was granted the title of ''%s''.'
msg_set_surname: '&b%s was granted the surname of ''%s''.'
msg_clear_title_surname: '&bThe %s for ''%s'' was cleared.'
msg_clear_plot_material: '&bThe plot was cleared of all %s''s.'
msg_set_perms: '&bSuccessfully changed permissions to:'
msg_set_claim: '&bSuccessfully changed %s''s claimability to %s'
msg_set_perms_reset: '&bSuccessfully reset permissions on all %s plots.'
msg_usedefault: '&bThis world (%s) is now using the global default settings.'
msg_set_wild_perms: '&bSuccessfully changed %s''s wild permissions %s'
msg_set_wild_ignore: '&bSuccessfully changed %s''s wild ignore blocks to %s'
msg_set_wild_name: '&bSuccessfully changed %s''s wild name to %s'
msg_set_wild_regen: '&bSuccessfully changed %s''s wild regen to ''%s'''
msg_set_use_towny_on: '&bThis world now follows towny rules.'
msg_set_use_towny_off: '&cThis world is exempt of all towny interactions.'
msg_error_must_be_int: '&bAmount must be an integer.'
msg_error_must_be_num: '&bAmount must be a number.'
msg_must_specify_amnt: '&bMust specify amount. Eg: %s 54'
msg_town_set_tax: '&b%s has set the daily resident tax at %s'
msg_town_set_plottax: '&b%s has set the daily tax of plots at %s'
msg_town_set_plotprice: '&b%s has set the price of plots at %s'
msg_town_set_alttax: '&b%s has set the daily tax of %s plots at %s'
msg_town_set_altprice: '&b%s has set the price of %s plots at %s'
msg_town_set_nation_tax: '&b%s has set the nation tax at %s'
msg_set_nation_tag: '&b%s has set the nation tag to [%s]'
msg_set_town_tag: '&b%s has set the town tag to [%s]'
msg_reset_nation_tag: '&b%s has cleared the nation tag.'
msg_reset_town_tag: '&b%s has cleared the town tag.'
msg_mayor_abandon: '&bYou would abandon your people? Choose another mayor with ''/town set mayor'' if you''re sure.'
msg_new_day_tax: '&bA new day is here! Taxes and rent have been collected'
msg_new_day: '&bA new day is here!'
msg_new_king: '&b%s is now the king of %s!'
msg_err_new_king_notmayor: '&cNew King is not a mayor.'
msg_err_king_not_in_nation: '&cNew King doesn''t belong to this nation.'
msg_err_fight_like_king: '&cNeutrality is not an option! Fight like a King!'
msg_no_access_nation_bank: '&cYou don''t have access to the nation''s bank.'
msg_err_no_money: '&cThere is not enough money in the bank.'
msg_new_mayor: '&b%s is now the mayor!'
msg_new_nation: '&b%s created a new nation called %s'
msg_new_town: '&b%s created a new town called %s'
msg_plot_for_sale: '&b%s put the plot (%s) up for sale!'
msg_plot_set_type: '&bPlot type set to %s'
msg_registration: '&eWelcome %s to the server!'
msg_war_eliminated: '&6[War]&b %s was eliminated from the war.'
msg_war_forfeited: '&6[War]&b %s forfeited.'
msg_war_join: '&6[War] &b%s joined the fight!'
msg_war_join_forced: '&6[War]&b The nation of %s has been forced into war due to global settings!'
msg_war_join_nation: '&6[War]&b The nation of %s has joined the war!'
msg_war_lose_block: '&6[War]&b (%s) belonging to %s has fallen.'
msg_war_score: '&6[War]&b %s scored %d points!'
msg_war_cannot_do: '&cYou cannot do this when the world is at war.'
msg_war_started: '&eStarted the war countdown.'
msg_war_ended: '&eEnded the current war.'
msg_enemy_war_area_under_attack: '&6[War]&b %s (%s) is under attack by %s!'
msg_enemy_war_area_won: '&6[War]&b %s (%s) won (%s)!'
msg_enemy_war_area_defended: '&6[War]&b %s defended (%s)!'
msg_err_enemy_war_must_be_placed_above_ground: '&6[War]&c Must place flag above ground.'
msg_err_enemy_war_not_part_of_nation: '&6[War]&c This area doesn''t belong to a nation.'
msg_err_enemy_war_is_neutral: '&6[War]&c %s is neutral.'
msg_err_enemy_war_require_online: '&6[War]&c Require at least %d people online in %s to attack.'
msg_err_enemy_war_not_on_edge_of_town: '&6[War]&c Only allowed to attack the borders of a town.'
msg_err_enemy_war_cell_already_under_attack: '&6[War]&c This area is already under attack by %s.'
msg_err_enemy_war_reached_max_active_flags: '&6[War]&c You can''t attack more than %d areas at once.'
msg_cache_block_error: '&cYou have not been registered with Towny. Try relogging.'
msg_cache_block_error_wild: '&cNot allowed to %s in the wild.'
msg_cache_block_error_plot: '&cOwner doesn''t allow %s to %s here.'
msg_cache_block_error_locked: '&cThis plot is locked!'
msg_cache_block_error_town_resident: '&cResidents aren''t allowed to %s here.'
msg_cache_block_error_town_allies: '&cAllies aren''t allowed to %s.'
msg_cache_block_error_town_outsider: '&cOutsiders aren''t allowed to %s.'
msg_err_cant_afford_tp_town: '&cCannot afford to teleport to %s.'
msg_err_not_public: '&cThat town is not public.'
msg_err_not_open: '&cThe town %s does not have it''s doors open to everyone. Ask the mayor or an assistant to join.'
msg_err_town_spawn_forbidden: '&cTown spawn travel is forbidden.'
msg_err_town_spawn_nation_forbidden: '&cTown spawn travel to other towns in your nation is forbidden.'
msg_err_town_spawn_ally_forbidden: '&cTown spawn travel to towns allied with your nation is forbidden.'
msg_err_public_spawn_forbidden: '&cPublic spawn travel to other towns is forbidden.'
msg_err_public_spawn_enemy: '&cPublic spawn travel is forbidden for enemies.'
msg_err_town_spawn_disallowed_from: '&cTown spawn is not allowed from %s.'
msg_err_outpost_spawn: '&cThere are no outpost spawns set for this town.'
msg_err_cant_afford_tp: '&bCannot afford to teleport to your town''s spawn.'
msg_err_plot_nfs: '&cThis plot is not for sale.'
msg_err_not_part_town: '&cSelected area is not part of your town.'
msg_err_not_attached_edge: '&cSelected area not attached to edge.'
msg_err_empty_area_selection: '&cSelected area contains no valid plots.'
msg_err_not_enough_blocks: '&cNot enough available town blocks to claim this selection.'
msg_err_cant_afford_blocks: '&cTown cannot afford to claim %s town blocks costing %s'
msg_err_not_in_town_claim: '&cYou must belong to a town in order to claim plots.'
msg_err_must_belong_town: '&cYou must belong to a town.'
msg_err_dont_belong_town: '&cYou don''t belong to a town.'
msg_err_dont_belong_nation: '&bYou don''t belong to a nation.'
msg_err_not_same_nation: '&b%s doesn''t belong to your nation.'
msg_err_rect_auto: '&cOnly towns and residents can use auto.'
msg_err_invalid_radius: '&cInvalid radius. Use an integer or ''auto''.'
msg_err_not_configured: '&cThis world has not been configured by Towny.'
msg_err_updating_item_perms: '&cError updating item use permissions cache.'
msg_err_updating_switch_perms: '&cError updating switch permissions cache.'
msg_err_updating_destroy_perms: '&cError updating destroy permissions cache.'
msg_err_updating_build_perms: '&cError updating build permissions cache.'
msg_err_admin_only: '&cOnly an admin can use this command.'
msg_err_admin_only_delete: '&cOnly an admin can delete other resident data.'
msg_err_admin_only_delete_town: '&cOnly an admin can delete other town data.'
msg_err_admin_only_delete_nation: '&cOnly an admin can delete other nation data.'
msg_err_online_or_npc: '&c%s is Online or is an NPC.'
msg_err_not_registered: '&cYou are not registered'
msg_err_not_registered_1: '&c%s is not registered'
msg_err_invalid_name: '&c%s is an invalid name.'
msg_err_already_res: '&c%s already belongs to a town.'
msg_err_already_in_town: '&c%s is already a part of %s.'
msg_err_already_nation: '&cTarget town already belongs to a nation.'
msg_err_invalid_property: '&cInvalid ''%s'' property.'
msg_err_not_supported: '&cNot yet supported.'
msg_err_invalid_input: '&cInvalid input. Use %s'
msg_err_negative: '&cInput cannot be negative.'
msg_err_input_too_long: '&cInput is too long.'
msg_err_invalid_choice: '&cInvalid choice'
msg_err_invalid_sub: '&cInvalid sub command.'
msg_err_command_disable: '&cYou don''t have enough permissions for that command.'
msg_err_universe_limit: '&cThe universe cannot hold any more towns.'
msg_err_too_many_npc: '&cToo many npc''s registered.'
msg_err_negative_money: '&cYou cannot have negative money.'
msg_err_not_percentage: '&cPercentages must be below 100.'
msg_err_no_economy: '&cEconomy has not been turned on.'
msg_err_not_block_type: '&cThat is not a valid plot type!'
msg_not_allowed_join: '&c%s is not permitted to join a town.'
msg_offline_no_join: '&c%s is offline but using permissions so can''t join a town.'
msg_err_warzone_cannot_edit_material: '&cCannot %s %s in warzone.'
msg_err_warzone_cannot_use_switches: '&cCannot use switches in warzone.'
msg_err_warzone_cannot_use_item: '&cCannot use this item in a warzones.'
msg_err_cannot_perform_action: '&cCannot perform this action in the %s.'
msg_npc_flag: '&bNPC flag is now %s for %s.'
# WarFlag Economy
msg_enemy_war_purchased_warflag: '&6[War]&c You paid %s in fees to attack.'
msg_enemy_war_area_won_pillage: '&6[War]&c %s pillaged %s from %s.'
msg_enemy_war_area_won_rebuilding: '&6[War]&c %s paid %s to %s for rebuilding.'
msg_enemy_war_area_won_rebuilding_err: 'You don''t have enough to pay %s %s to aid in rebuilding.'
msg_enemy_war_area_won_rebuilding_err_global: '%s could not pay the %s. Attack at %s was canceled.'
msg_err_insuficient_funds_warflag: 'You require %s in order to place a warflag.'
msg_err_insuficient_funds_future: 'You require %s in the event you need to pay for %s.'
name_defended_attack: 'defended attack'
name_rebuilding: 'rebuilding fine'
msg_enemy_war_area_defended_attacker: '&6[War]&c You were forced to pay %s %s for your failed attack.'
msg_enemy_war_area_defended_defender: '&6[War]&c %s payed you %s for the failed attack.'
msg_enemy_war_area_defended_greater_forces: '&6[War]&c Your failed attack costed you %s.'
msg_warning_delete: '&4*** WARNING, %s WILL BE DELETED AT NEXT NEW DAY DUE TO LACK OF FUNDS ***'
# these messages are only used if town/nation creation is set to admins only
msg_admin_only_create_nation: '&cOnly admins are allowed to create nations.'
msg_admin_only_create_town: '&cOnly admins are allowed to create towns.'