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STEP ONE: Become a memember of NetFlix, and then look in your browser cookies to discover the 'NetflixShopperId' cookies value for ''.

STEP TWO: Insert plugin tag into your template.


The tag has three parameters:

  1. id - The NetflixShopperId for the NetFlix account. Look in your cookies for this value
  2. limit - Number of items to display. Default is to display all items returned.
  3. refresh - How often to update the cache file in minutes. The default is to update the cache file once a day.
  4. which - Which list of items to retrieve. There are two options 'queue' (items in the queue) or 'out' (items currently out). Default is queue.

Example tag: {exp:netflix id="P1152183453382851739665891469694171" limit="8" refresh="720"}.

Single Variables

{total} - Total items returned

Pair Variables

Only one pair variable, {items}, is available, and it is for the items returned from the NetFlix queue.

This pair variable has the following single variables:

  • {movie_id} - NetFlix id for DVD
  • {title} - Title of DVD
  • {link} - URL to details about DVD
  • {genre} - Genre of DVD
  • {rating} - NetFlix's Rating of DVD
  • {mpaa} - MPAA Rating of Film


{exp:netflix id="P1152183453382851739665891469694171"}
		<li><a href="{link}">{title}</a> in {genre} (Rating: {rating})</li>

Using the NetFlix movie id you can link to images for the DVDs. Example:

<img src="{movie_id}.jpg" width="65" height="90" />

I have found that some DVDs when part of a series of discs may not have an image available this way. In these cases NetFlix sends an "Image Not Available" image.

Change Log

  • 1.2
    • Updated plugin to be 2.0 compatible
  • 1.1
    • NetFlix modified their pages, plugin was updated to fix problems because of this.
    • Added MPAA Rating as {mpaa} variable.