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A ready-to-use, customizable personal blog with minimalistic design


Demo is available here


  • Simple blog with responsive design

  • Light / Dark Mode Switch

  • Fast !

    • gatsby-blog-mdx is built on top of Gatsby.js that pre-builds pages that's delivered to viewers instantly
  • Mdx (or Markdown) to create post & about page

    • Mdx enables to use React components along with markdown in your post. This blog also includes some pre-built components to enhance your blog experience.

    • Learn more

  • Code syntax highlighting (Light / Dark)

  • Comments plugins

    • Supports Facebook | Disqus | Utterances(GitHub) Comments
  • Social Media Links & Share Buttons

    • Supports Email | GitHub | Facebook | Twitter | LinkedIn | Instagram | Medium
  • Google Analytics

    • Google Analytics measure how users interact with your blog
  • SEO + sitemap + RSS

    • Auto generates metadata & sitemap & rss to boost search engine result for your website.
  • Easy & Highly Customizable

Get Started 🚀

More detailed guide is available on Demo site

  1. Download using npx | npm

    # Using npx
    npx gatsby new my-blog
    # Using npm
    npm i -g gatsby-cli && gatsby new my-blog

    If you haven't, download npm with Node.js

  2. That's it! Run your blog locally

    cd my-blog
    npm start

    Then, open your web browser and go to localhost:8000

    Post Example

    Create *.mdx under _posts directory in the root directory

    title: First Post
    date: 2020-05-23
    tags: [category1]
    ## First post
    This is first post

    Learn more about creating post

  3. Modify customize.js to your needs

    Learn more about customizing config

  4. Deploy your Blog on Netlify 💫

    Learn how to deploy your blog online

What's inside? 🔍

├── _assets             # Contains profile image & favicon
├── _posts              # All of your posts goes in here as well as any other files
├── src                 # All the front-end source code
├── customize.js        # ----> Modify this to customize your blog
├── customize-styles.js # ----> Modify this to customize stylings
├── ...
├── .gitignore          # Contains file names that won't be pushed to git repository
├── .prettierrc         # Helps formatting your code
├── gatsby-browser.js   # Contains gatsby browser APIs / extension of default gatsby settings
├── gatsby-config.js    # Contains site meta data & gatsby plugins
├── gatsby-node.js      # Contains gatsby node APIs--it's where post pages & slugs are created
├── gatsby-rss.js       # Contains gatsby RSS feed plugin configuration
├── gatsby-ssr.js       # Contains gatsby server-side rendering APIs
├── LICENSE             # Contains MIT License
├── package-lock.json   # Contains versions of npm dependencies used for this project
├── package.json        # Node.js manifest file that contains project's meta data
└──           # Markdown file that describes the project