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Official git repository of Elmer FEM software
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ElmerGUI Make dynamic editor in ElmerGUI not to enforce newlines to be semicol… Jan 17, 2019
ElmerGUIlogger elmerguilogger fix Nov 19, 2014
ElmerGUItester patches to ElmerGUITester and -Clips as suggested by david_coe Feb 9, 2015
ElmerWorkflows FreeCADBatchFEMTools: refactor and add tests Jun 20, 2018
ci ci: install openssh-client in ubuntu-bionic Dec 13, 2018
cmake ci: trying to get openmpi tests to work Dec 13, 2018
contrib preliminary test cases for swapping mesh Jan 28, 2019
cpack cpack: setting CPACK_PACKAGE_FILE_NAME="" in commandline re-determine… Sep 25, 2015
docker Updated dockerfile Sep 25, 2018
elmergrid Add possibility to set Metis seed Apr 8, 2019
elmerice fixed bugs in GetHydrostaticLoads error handling Apr 25, 2019
elmerparam Remove some obsolite and files Nov 30, 2016
fem add label to test case May 9, 2019
fhutiter add HUTI_HALTED flag for iteration that does not converge or diverge … Jan 14, 2019
license_texts Added CMake license Aug 22, 2014
matc add str=env("name") Mar 20, 2018
mathlibs Change names of PARPACK internal routines (copies from earlier Scalap… Mar 1, 2019
meshgen2d Removed also obsolite library eio Nov 30, 2016
post misc. typo fixes Nov 5, 2017
umfpack Remove some obsolite and files Nov 30, 2016
utils/ElmerClips ElmerClips: small fix in build system regarding include dirs Feb 9, 2015
.gitignore Fix conflict Sep 7, 2017
.gitmodules Added zoltan as submodule under contrib/ Dec 7, 2018
.travis.yml ci: multiple builds Jul 9, 2018
CMakeLists.txt Increase minor version to 4 Dec 18, 2018
README.txt fixed README.txt to reflect current status of elmerfem Feb 20, 2015



This is the official source code repository for the Elmer FEM software suite. 

Elmer is a finite element software for numerical solution of partial
differential equations. Elmer is capable of handling any number of equations
and is therefore ideally suited for the simulation of multiphysical problems.
It includes models, for example, of structural mechanics, fluid dynamics, heat
transfer and electromagnetics. Users can also write their own equations that
can be dynamically linked with the main program.

Elmer consists of several parts. The most important ones are ElmerSolver, the
finite element solver, ElmerGUI, the graphical user interface, and ElmerGrid,
the mesh creation and manipulation tool. Also a visualization tool, ElmerPost,
is included in the package but it is no longer developed.  

Elmer software is licensed under GPL except for the ElmerSolver library which
is licensed under LGPL license. 

Elmer is mainly developed at CSC - IT Center for Science, Finland. However,
there have been numerous contributions from other organizations and developers
as well, and the project is open for new contributions.
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