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Download unitypackage

For Unity 2017.3 and later: SpriteGlow.unitypackage. Check releases for previous versions support.


The glow effect is achieved using sprite outline in HDR colors (applied via shader) and bloom post-processing.

Glow Intensity Glow Color

For the bloom effect KinoBloom is used. You can replace it with similar 3rd-party solutions.

Character sprite by Mikhail Pigichka.


Why the glow doesn't appear?

Make sure:

  • HDR is enabled for target platform and tier (Edit > Project Settings > Graphics):

  • Camera 'Allow HDR' is enabled:

  • You've set 'Glow Brightness' high enough:

Why the glow appears on the whole image?

Make sure 'Threshold' value of the bloom image effect is set high enough. It's usually 1 to 1.5, depending on the bloom solution.

Why I get a NullReferenceException in build?

Most likely the outline shader is not included to the build (it happens when none of the included assets reference SpriteGlow component directly). You can force-include the shader by assigning it to the "Always Included Shaders" in Edit -> Project Settings -> Graphics.

It's still not working

Please check the active issues.