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Lecrapouille commented May 16, 2019

Hi, this is really a nice work, this can become a greater tutorial but I think it needs some improvements because, I'm a beginner, and not everything is straightforward to understand. I have not yet completely read the whole article, I just stopped to first sections. The goal of this article is to be understandable for beginners but it uses a lot of terms not really introduced and therefore diffic

dneto0 commented Dec 5, 2018

Glslang supports [[vk::binding]] to set descriptor set and binding of a resource.
Unfortunately that does not also control the binding for the counter associated with a structured buffer.

It would be nice to support vk::counter_buffer(N), like this:


// Want support for [[vk::counter_binding(4)]] to control
// the binding of the counter associated with Ainc.
Venryx commented Jul 30, 2018

In the Readme, there are confusing descriptions of the options.

One example:

sizeAttenuation - makes the line width constant regardless distance (1 unit is 1px on screen) (0 - attenuate, 1 - don't attenuate)`
lineWidth - float defining width (if sizeAttenuation is true, it's world units; else is screen pixels)

There's three things that are confusing here.

  1. The name sizeAttenuation
agarcialeon commented May 7, 2019

Althougt code can be commented in the scripts, could be great to generate automatic documentation for the scripts and host it in the gh-pages branch of this repository.

In this way we can have a presentation web for the library and also the related documentation on how the API works.

I have checked DocFX and it seems it's possible to implement the pipeline for hosting the documentation as st

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