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Elrond's Dev Guild

All about developing on the Elrond blockchain - docs, open-source tools, community, learning materials. Not official. Community-based.

Hi there!

The Elrond's Dev Guild is a place where Elrond blockchain developers can collaborate and share their repositories. For now, we only have an awesome list of all dev-related resources. But soon, there will be more practical repositories here. All will be open source.

We encourage you to join and contribute. You can start by adding some interesting links to the awesome-elrond-dev-resources.

You can also reach us if you would like to be a curator of your repository here in the Guild 👉 JOIN!

If you would like to discuss something related to the Guild and Elrond dev stuff, you could try the Discussions section.

👉 Elrond's Dev Scrolls - complementary community based docs
👉 What kind of topics are most unclear, and what is the biggest obstacle to starting developing on Elrond?
👉 Elrond 'how to' section

Remember that we don't have any audits for smart contracts, and we can't provide any guarantees for any tool which will be linked or published here. Please review and understand the code first before using it in production.


  1. Smart contracts, SDKs, dev libraries, articles, tutorials, all other dev stuff.

    39 14

  2. Open source Dapp template for the Elrond blockchain.

    TypeScript 22 4

  3. Elrond blockchain CLI helper tools - interaction with APIs, smart contracts and protocol

    TypeScript 17 4

  4. PiggyBank Elrond blockchain Smart Contract for learning purposes

    WebAssembly 14 3