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this is an adonisjs snippet code for more autoCompletion while using it on visual studio code
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Visual Studio Code adonisJs Snippets And AutoComplete

This extension adds rich AdonisJs Support For poor Developers to VS Code, including:

Be Aware That This Extension Was Build For Personal Use And may CONFLICT With Your Other Extensions or Corrupt Your intellisense

  • Migration Snippet Completed
  • Query Builder Snippets Completed
  • Lucid Query Snippets Completed
  • Request Snippets Completed
  • Response Snippets Completed
  • View Snippets Completed
  • Session Snippets Completed
  • Auth Snippets Completed
  • Use Snippets Completed
  • Helpers Snippets Completed
  • Relationship Snippets Completed
  • Route Snippets Completed
  • FileUpload Snippets Completed
  • Controller Snippets Completed
  • Factory Snippets Completed
  • Redis Snippets Completed
  • And many more ...

Update 1

  • many useFull Snippets have been added to extension what remains isn't that much important
  • snippets are build to make you have an autoComplete but not intellisense


  • [on-going] to add edge template builder snippets.
  • [on-going] to add what remains of adonisJs.


Type what you want from adonisJs code like Route and AutoComplete will appear

Snippets are written to make you feel like autoComplete So its easy to use asLong as you know what you are looking for

Route -->'variable','variable')


  1. Install Visual Studio Code 0.10.1 or higher
  2. Launch Code
  3. From the command palette Ctrl-Shift-P (Windows, Linux) or Cmd-Shift-P (OSX)
  4. Select Install Extension
  5. Type adonisjs-snippets
  6. Choose the extension
  7. Reload Visual Studio Code


How can I report an issue?

The easiest way is to start a git issue, I will attempt to answer ASAP else I hope someone else will answer.


If you find any issue or have a suggestion please tweet me on @EmadFana

I am unable to respond to comments on the store page, please use appropriate channels github/twitter to reach me. Thank you


MIT License, refer to license file.



** Enjoy!**

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