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Real Time Crowd Management API

To use the RTCM Bin Viewer you need to have an account on and have a registered access to the Real Time Crowd Management APIs (RTCM).

Open the RTCM microsite from (, create a new zone. Go to, and create a new bin. Copy the http address of the paste bin. Back in RTCM, create a new stream for your zone, and use your HTTP paste bin from to send all data. Download and unzip the archive on your local computer, and review the binviewer.html to add your own Google Maps API keys if you don't want the Google demo disclaimer on your maps. Double click the binviewer.html file to open the tool in your browser, and use the http paste bin address from above. You can change the overlay opacity as well as heatmap colors and heatmap step thresholds.

This code is provided for demonstration and development only and cannot be used for production systems.

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