Tuleap is a Free & Open Source Suite to improve management of software developments and collaboration. With a single web-based solution, project managers, developers & quality managers can easily build, deploy software projects.
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What's Tuleap?

Tuleap Open ALM is a Libre and Open Source software forge crafted in PHP/MySQL. Development occurs in realtime on https://tuleap.net. Sources are available in a Git repository on Tuleap.net. You can find a mirror on GitHub.

Use case, screenshot & more on https://tuleap.org.

How to use it?

You should follow the installation guide and the user guide.

I need help!

The tuleap-devel mailing list will be more than happy to help you to get the most of the software, don't be shy we are nice with new comers.

I want to contribute!

You can start looking at the Tuleap developer guide and of course you should subscribe tuleap-devel mailing list.