Enclave Phaser Template - a mobile template for HTML5 games created using the Phaser game engine.
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Enclave Phaser Template

Fully mobile responsive, portrait and landscape compatible template for HTML5 games written using the Phaser game engine. See it online at: http://enclavegames.github.io/Enclave-Phaser-Template/

Enclave Phaser Template

It is my own point of view on building a structure for HTML5 games. If you think something can be done better feel free to send the pull request.


  • fully responsive
  • main menu with buttons
  • story and achievements screens
  • audio management
  • highscore management
  • paused and game over states
  • localStorage Phaser plugin
  • tweens and animations
  • particle emitters
  • camera effects: shake, flash, fade


The template now have Progressive Web App (PWA) support, turned off by default (see enablePWA variable in start.js file):

  • manifest file for Add to Home Screen feature
  • Service Worker for offline use
  • notifications template


The license in use is CC BY-SA 3.0 - see License.txt for details.

Beer time!

Buy me a beer!

If you like what I'm doing and gonna use the template in your project, or just appreciate sharing the code in the open, you can say "thank you" by buying me a beer. Cheers!