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A plugin for PlasticSCM 4.x that will map branches to YouTrack issues.
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A plugin for PlasticSCM 6.x that will map branches to YouTrack issues and allow creation of branches from tickets.


  • Create branches from YouTrack tickets.
  • Place ticket in-progress on create branch.
  • Log operation comments to ticket (create branch, commits, comments w/ commits)
  • Branch explorer integration shows ticket title, state, and quick 1-click access to ticket page in YouTrack.

How to install


How to update existing installation

  1. Build the solution with Release configuration.
  2. Copy files from Extension project's ~/bin/release folder: PlasticExtensions.YouTrackPlugin.
  3. Place them at c:\Program Files\PlasticSCM5\client\extensions\youtrack\ .
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