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EnergyCoin - ENRG

EnergyCoin is a pure PoS coin which generates coins through PoS blocks. Except the first block where it generates the initial 101 million coins, no PoW mining will get any coins. All every person has to do is post it on our facebook, twitter or reddit page, and add a signature to btctalk profile. Its easy and free!

After distribution is over energycoin is mineable by simply running your wallet. Thus a huge mining cost of hardware and millions of electricity costs are saved.

EnergyCoin also adopts a variable PoS rate with the following annual interest rate: Year-1: 10% Year-2: 8% Year-3: 6% Year-4: 4% Year-5: 2% Year 6 has only 1% of annual interest.

-30 seconds block time to make sure network is stable and fast at the same time -Difficulty retarget is based on each block ensures to keep the difficulty logical -Scarce but not too scarce to be uninteresting or not usable. 101 million coins in distribution and interest values were decided to make sure the coin retains its value

Ports: P2P: 22705 RPC: 22706

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