OCaml Ctypes inverted stubs for Ocaml-tls.
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Ctypes inverted stubs for OCaml-TLS Build Status

Note: This is a prototype and a work in progress. The interface will change and the code is still highly immature.

The goal of this project is to provide a binding to OCaml-TLS that can be called from C code. More informations can be found on how inverted stubs works in this repository (providing a simple example on how to bind the Xmlm library).

This repository follow the same principles as the Xmlm inverted binding:

  • bindings.ml uses ocaml-ctypes to define a C-compatible interface to ocaml-tls. Various functions are exposed to the C side to create a client configuration, and handle the TLS connection.

  • generate.ml is an OCaml program that generates C source and header files from the definitions in the Bindings module, and an OCaml module that can be used to link the generated code with the code in Bindings. (See apply_bindings.ml for the actual linking.)

  • echo_client.c is a simple TLS client written in C using the binding that will complete the TLS handshake and send messages on the resulting encrypted channel. Not complete right now.


  • Finish the echo_client and write the associated echo_server code.
  • Move the certificate configuration handling to the C side: currently this is handled in the OCaml code in a very … non-transparent fashion
  • Various other things…