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Define UTF-8 as the standard source file encoding.
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@@ -370,6 +370,11 @@ they are not separated by commas, operators, or other symbols, they are automati
behavior exhibited by a simple alias that uses non-strict formatting: <code>/cmd = /real command</code>.
'/real' and 'command' are automatically sconcatenated together, and then run.

=== Source File Encoding ===
MethodScript files, both ms and msa files should have UTF-8 encoding. A byte order mark (BOM) may or may not be present.
While other encodings may work, particularly ASCII and others, the source files will be parsed using UTF-8. In the future,
other encodings may be supported, but there is currently no plans to add this support in the near term.

===Continued Learning===

Many of the scripting concepts are addressed in greater depth in the Learning Trail, shown below. The MScript topics

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