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+To help standardize the code formatting, please follow these guidelines for code
+For the most part, the standard Java code conventions should be followed. They can be found at
+There are a few exceptions and clarifications however:
+* Line Length
+Avoid lines longer than 80 characters. When wrapping lines, follow these conventions:
+ * Break after a comma
+ * Break before an operator
+ * Indent to the current level + 2 tabs on the following lines, if the code
+ directly beneath it is on a different indention level
+ * If breaking in the middle of a long string, the space should start the newline.
+ String s = "This is a long string, which has a"
+ + " break in the middle";
+* Indentions
+Use tabs for indentions, NOT spaces. This allows for tab length to be set by the client,
+and also allows for quicker backspacing if deleting indentation.
+* Brace style
+Braces should be on the same line as the statement.
+ if(condition) {
+ ...
+ }
+ if(condition)
+ {
+ ...
+ }
+This condenses the file size, and makes more code fit onscreen at once. Since the
+code inside of the block should be indented anyways, there is no readability issue
+as far as determining what code is actually inside the block or not.
+All braceable statements MUST use braces, and newlines.
+ if(condition) {
+ code;
+ }
+ if(condition) code;
+ if(condition){ code; }
+if you have a series of several if statements that only have one statement, and
+it makes sense to have them all lined up, the third example may be used, but is
+still discouraged. Regardless, the statements must ALWAYS have braces.
+* Commits
+If you have more than 2 commits, please rebase.
@@ -31,5 +31,8 @@ By submitting code, you agree to dual license your code under the
the MIT License, barring the special restriction regarding code submissions,
explained in the SPECIAL_LICENSE.txt file, which is attached.
+For details about code formatting standards, and other basic information for
+contributors, please see the CONTRIBUTING.txt file.
Portions of CommandHelper are copyright: wraithguard01, sk89q, Deaygo,
t3hk0d3, zml2008, EntityReborn, and albatrossen

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