blogofile serve option to autorebuild on change #108

shazow opened this Issue Jul 13, 2011 · 3 comments

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Alternatively could have a separate daemon that autorebuilds on changes.

Personally I would prefer that blogofile serve would rebuild when a request comes in and it checks if things changed since last time, perhaps with a --reload (similar to paster serve --reload) or a --rebuild flag.


It would be useful.
It's a little boring to rebuild all files when you just edited a css file.


For anyone coming here looking for solutions, a separate daemon to rebuild looks like this on Linux:

inotifywait -mr -e modify --exclude './_site/.*' . | while read TMP; do { echo $TMP; blogofile build; } done

(assuming you have inotify-tools installed).


See #117.

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