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Do-It-Yourself Environmental Science & Monitoring

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  1. An Arduino library to give environmental sensors a common interface of functions for use with Arduino-framework dataloggers, such as the EnviroDIY Mayfly.

    C++ 38 23

  2. hardware design files, example code sketches, and documentation for Arduino-framework EnviroDIY Mayfly data logger

    C++ 17 21

  3. An Arduino library for SDI-12 communication with a wide variety of environmental sensors. This library provides a general software solution, without requiring any additional hardware.

    C++ 92 71

  4. An Arduino library to act as Modbus Master to control a sensor/slave

    C++ 20 8

  5. A library to use an Arduino as a master to control and communicate with the modbus sensors produced by Yosemitech. Depends on the EnviroDIY/SensorModbusMaster library.

    C++ 3 3

  6. A tutorial for learning how to program an Arduino-framework micro-controller to become an environmental data logger.

    C++ 4 1


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